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Secret getaways with TER

Hop aboard a TER regional train to discover all the hidden delights of France.

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Want to know where our regional TER lines can take you? Watch our videos to find out all there is to see and do in each destination.

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The Swallow Railway

Setting off from Dôle in the Jura Mountains, the Swallow Railway takes you on a tour of the Franche-Comté countryside. Sit back and enjoy the view as you travel past the Forest of Chaux, the Royal Saltworks and the Château de Syam Palladian Villa. Along the way, you’ll see Montbéliard cows, whose milk is used in France’s famous Morbier and Comté cheeses. And as you approach Morez station, don't miss the spectacular views as the train crosses its historic viaduct, specially designed to let swallows swoop through.

Escapades secrètes en TER (Saison 2) || 01 La ligne des Hirondelles

The Paris-Cherbourg line

To explore this line, head to Paris Saint-Lazare station and hop on an Omneo train to Normandy. In Lisieux, admire the stunning Basilica Saint-Thérèse, now a symbol of the city. Next stop: Caen, where you can explore 20th-century history at the Caen Memorial Museum. In Bayeux, you’ll find a magnificent cathedral where the Union Jack flies alongside the French flag, in honour of the British troops who liberated the town in 1944. And don’t miss the Cité de la Mer museum in Cherbourg, where you can explore the past, present and future of our oceans.

Escapades secrètes en TER (Saison 2) || 04 La ligne Paris-Cherbourg

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