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We’ve got the right solutions for regional travel in France. Take a TER train and round out your rail journey with biking, car-sharing and more. Find out how.

Everything you need

To meet the unique needs of each region we serve, we’ve rolled out three new offers: Citi, Krono and Proxi. 

Our updated TER offer has more clarity, simplicity and transparency to make daily life easier.


Our Citi offer delivers frequent service for last-kilometre journeys in dense metropolitan areas.

With its next-generation trainsets and right-sized passenger capacities, TER Citi is the ideal solution for rounding out existing urban transport and providing fast access to the heart of major urban centres.


Krono delivers fast, comfortable transport between major regional hubs, with regular service across a broad range of timetables.

Because this type of service attracts many occasional travellers, it also calls for substantial support and customized services. And now that France’s regions have become the transport authorities for INTERCITÉS trains, our Krono service is expanding.


Our Proxi offer provides last-kilometre service for less densely populated places—from medium-sized urban hubs to peri-urban areas to more rural communities.

Proxi delivers close, comfortable transport that’s connected to the French national rail network.

Connecting to other modes with TER

Cycling is the ideal way to round out your journey with TER—and because it’s eco-friendly, it’s a perfect match with SNCF’s mission. It’s also an excellent solution for short distances: 60% of bike journeys in France are less than 5 km long.

Under the French Mobility Act of 20191, the nation pledged to triple biking’s share of mobility, raising it from 3% to 9% by 2024. And a 2021 decree calls for 8 bike spaces aboard all new and renovated trains. The only exception is a group of select regional trains, which must have 4 spaces. Today, over 60% of TER rolling stock meets these requirements.

TER offers targeted passenger services for 2 main types of cyclists:

  • pass holders who commute regularly with TER and need parking spaces and complementary services for daily trips between home and work
  • touring cyclists, who can enjoy TER offers designed specifically for them
  • 8

    bike spaces in each new train

  • 9 %

    The French government has pledged to boost biking’s share of mobility to 9% by 2024

Bike offers for commuting

We’re working with Gares & Connexions and regional transport authorities to develop secure parking solutions for our passengers.

In all, we offer over 24,000 bike spaces. They’re accessible 24/7, with terms and fees set by local transport authorities.

At Toulouse Matabiau, for example, 600 of the station’s 678 bike spaces are reserved for TER pass holders, and a wealth of complementary services, including tyre inflation, repairs and left luggage.

Meanwhile, stations in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have more than 2,550 bike spaces available every day, around the clock. 

Our stations offer a total of 24,000 bike spaces

Bike offers for touring

We actively promote bike touring, with our TER de France programme and 3 iconic rail packages for seeing France by bike.

Learn more about TER de France

Cycle through the south-western region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine with our Vélodyssée bike service on the Bordeaux-Arcachon, Hendaye-Bordeaux, and Bordeaux-La Rochelle lines. Each train can be configured to accommodate 17-25 bikes, thanks to protective covers that let seats carry the extra weight. 

Learn more about Vélodyssée


Meanwhile, the Pays de la Loire region has invested €156 million in modular Jumbo Vélo trains by Bombardier2. Each of these trainsets has 9 permanent spaces for bikes and can accommodate up to 500 passengers—but 80 of the seats can be temporarily removed, boosting the number of bike spaces to 50. 

The region also provides rail services that make it easier for touring cyclists to explore the Loire à Vélo route. Any time of year, Loire à Vélo trains can carry up to 33 bikes in self-serve spaces, but in summer they offer 50-83 bike spaces, plus a special boarding service.

Learn more about Jumbo Vélo trains

Learn more about Loire à Vélo

Finally, under our partnership with France Vélo Tourisme and its nationwide bike rental network, we’ve launched a service especially for bike touring, with rental offices close to stations on the interactive TER map.

View the interactive TER map

Learn more about France Vélo Tourisme


Making mobility greener

Why would we offer a car along with your train ticket? Because you have mobility needs before and after your rail journey. And because 1 shared car can take the place of 5-8 individually owned cars, which makes car-sharing much better for the planet.

Choose from 3 options 

Self-service car rental with SNCF

In the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, TER partners with car-sharing co-op Citiz to offer self-service car rentals.

Visit the Citiz website


Connected hitchhiking

Since May 2020, we’ve offered Stop Connecté, a service that combines ride-sharing with hitch-hiking. As in traditional hitching, you ride with a non-professional driver, but when you arrive at the Stop Connecté pickup point, you send an SMS to post your destination on a display panel. When a driver stops at the pickup point to collect you, you text the car’s number plate to TER confirm the ride. 

Visit the Stop Connecté website


Taxi and car-with-driver services

When you buy your train ticket, you can also book a taxi or car with driver up to 10 days in advance.

1 The French Mobility Act (LOM) was published in the Official Journal on 24 December 2019. It made fundamental changes to the nation’s mobility policy with one simple aim: to make day-to-day transport easier, cheaper and greener.


Learn more

2 Bombardier is a Canadian manufacturer of rolling stock and rail safety systems.