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Get the best of high-speed rail with the premium services and benefits that come with our Business Première fare.

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Travel with confidence when you choose our 100% flexible offer

Business Première is your 100% flexible travel solution. It adapts to your schedule, and it’s available on all our TGV INOUI trains. Your ticket includes:

  • one fixed fare for all TGV INOUI destinations
  • guaranteed exchanges for any same-day train making the same journey (even if the train is full, though you aren’t guaranteed a seat)
  • free refunds up to 30 minutes after your train departs

Learn more about our Business Première services

When you travel on a Business Première ticket, you can expect personalized attention and services. These include access to our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges, Accès Express priority lines during boarding and in our sales offices, a complimentary beverage when you board, and unrivalled comfort in a coach exclusively for Business Première travellers.

Enjoy the comforts of our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges

As soon as you reach the station, head for our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounge. Work or relax in a quiet space with free WiFi, a wide selection of complimentary beverages, and the latest newspapers and magazines.  

TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges are open every day until 22.00 during the week and 20.00 at weekends. You’ll find them in these stations: 

  • Paris Lyon
  • Paris Montparnasse
  • Paris Nord
  • Paris Est
  • Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Marseille Saint-Charles station
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean
  • Nantes
  • Rennes
  • Lille Flandres
  • Lille Europe
  • Strasbourg

Find a TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounge (French)

Save time with Accès Express priority lines

Your Business Première fare includes Accès Express priority status, so you get special treatment when you visit our sales areas and board your train. 

We’re rolling this service out now. It will soon be available in these stations:


Accès Express boarding

Accès Express ticket windows

Paris Lyon

x x

Paris Montparnasse

x x

Paris Nord

x x

Paris Est

x x



Lyon Part-Dieu

x x

Lyon Perrache


Marseille Saint-Charles

x x

Montpellier Saint-Roch




Angers Saint-Laud


Bordeaux Saint-Jean

x x


x x


x x

Aéroport CDG 2 TGV


Lille Flandres

x x

Lille Europe





Pick up a complimentary beverage when you board your TGV INOUI

During the week, from 6.30 to 9.00 and from 16.30 to 18.30, we’ll offer you a complimentary hot or cold beverage on the platform. This service is exclusively for Business Première customers, and it’s available when you travel between our Paris stations and:

  • Lyon Part-Dieu
  • Lyon Perrache 
  • Marseille Saint-Charles 
  • Montpellier Saint-Roch
  • Bordeaux Saint-Jean
  • Nantes
  • Rennes
  • Lille Flandres
  • Strasbourg 

If you’re travelling between Paris and Lyon Part-Dieu, this service is available on all weekday trains.

Immerse yourself in exclusive comfort

Your Business Première ticket gives you access to a special coach with unparalleled comfort and on-board amenities. It’s guaranteed to be calm and hassle-free—the perfect place to work or unwind. 

Business Première seating is available to you Monday through Friday, at no extra charge, on these TGV INOUI trains:  

  • Paris-Bordeaux
  • Paris-Lille Flandres
  • Paris-Lyon
  • Paris-Marseille (at select times)
  • Paris-Montpellier (at select times)
  • Paris-Nantes
  • Paris-Rennes
  • Paris-Strasbourg

Not sure whether your ticket entitles you to Business Première status?

You’re entitled to the full range of Business Première benefits when you buy a 1st-class ticket at any of the following fares: 

  • Business Première
  • Fréquence 1re and Fréquence 30 1re
  • Liberté 1re 
  • 1st-class group fares and discounted 1st-class fares for businesses
  • Military 1st class

Get TGV INOUI PRO, the app for Business Première travellers

With the TGV INOUI PRO app, you can plan your travel in a snap, right from your smartphone. Exchange or cancel tickets at no charge, sync your journeys automatically, store your rewards cards on your phone, and get real-time traffic updates for your destinations.


The must-have app for business travellers. With TGV INOUI Pro, you can manage your journey—down to the last detail—right from your smartphone.


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