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How to digitize your cards and passes

Do you have an Avantage or Liberté card? Or a MAX or Forfait pass? Once you’ve digitized it, all you’ll need is a QR code. Follow the instructions below for easy, hassle-free travel.

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When you digitize1, your smartphone can hold all your SNCF travel documents—e-tickets, your Avantage or Liberté card, or your Forfait or MAX pass. No more worries about forgetting or losing your ticket. When the conductor comes by, simply present your QR code or PDF.

PDF or QR code?

Ready to go digital? Choose from 2 options:

  • Store your Liberté or Avantage card (Jeune, Senior or Adulte) on your smartphone as a PDF file and present it along with your ID. (A PDF version of your card is attached to the email confirming your purchase.)
  • Digitize your card or pass and present a QR code when your e-ticket is checked.

How to digitize your card or pass

There are 3 ways to digitize your card or pass:

  • your Mon Espace TGV INOUI account
  • the Assistant SNCF app
  • the TGV INOUI Pro app

Simply follow the instructions below for your card (Avantage or Liberté) or pass (MAX or weekly or monthly Forfait).

For Avantage and Liberté cards: Mon Espace TGV INOUI

Do you have a Liberté card or an Avantage Jeune, Senior or Adulte card? Go to Mon Espace TGV INOUI to digitize it in 4 easy steps:

  • Log in to your Mon Espace TGV INOUI account using your email and password, or create a Mon Identifiant SNCF account. Once you’ve logged in, click on the “Mes cartes” tab and then “Je dématérialise ma carte”.
  • Upload your photo to the account. It must show your face against a solid background, and you should appear bareheaded and without glasses.
  • Read and accept our General Terms of Use. Your discount card is now in our system.
  • To store your card in the Assistant SNCF or TGV INOUI Pro app (for the Liberté card or a weekly or monthly Forfait pass), enter the Mon Identifiant SNCF credentials you used in the previous step.

Log in to your Mon Espace TGV INOUI account

For Liberté cards and Forfait passes: the TGV INOUI Pro app

Do you hold a Liberté card or a weekly or monthly Forfait pass? Use your TGV INOUI Pro app to digitize it in 8 steps.

  • In the app, click on “Mon compte”.
  • Enter your Mon Identifiant SNCF credentials (email address and password), or create an account.
  • Click on the “Dématérialiser ma carte” button.
  • Upload an existing photo of yourself, or take a new one on your phone.
  • Check the cropping and accept it, or adjust as needed.
  • Read and accept the General Terms of Use.
  • Click on “Confirmer” to submit your digitization request.
  • Your discount card or pass is now stored in your account. You can access it anytime using the “Mon compte” option.


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Store your MAX SENIOR pass as a PDF

Got a MAX SENIOR pass? You can retrieve a PDF version of your pass from your MAX account in 3 easy steps:

  • log in to your MAX account
  • click on the “Mon abonnement/Mes justificatifs” tab
  • download the PDF file for your pass

And when you log into the Assistant SNCF app, your pass will automatically appear under “Mes cartes de réduction”.

For Avantage and Liberté cards: the Assistant SNCF app

Once you’ve digitized your Avantage card (in your Mon Espace TGV INOUI account) or your Liberté card (in Mon Espace TGV INOUI or the TGV INOUI Pro app), you can access it anytime right from your smartphone. Simply log in to the Assistant SNCF app and click on “Discount cards”.

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1 To digitize your discount card or pass, you must be at least 15 years old.