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Book now for trains between Paris and Barcelona! With our new 100% TGV INOUI offer, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of premium high-speed travel from Paris-Lyon station to Catalonia, starting at €39.

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Fancy a trip to Catalonia? Book tickets now for travel on or after 11 December to benefit from our new 100% SNCF offer between Paris and Barcelona. Enjoy all the comforts of premium TGV INOUI service throughout your journey, as your high-speed train whisks you from Paris-Lyon station to the Catalan capital. Fares start at just €391.

  • 1/65

    of the CO₂ emissions from air travel

  • 2

    return journeys with TGV INOUI every day, and 3 in summer

  • Essential fare¹ starts at €39 for a 2nd class ticket

  • 30 %

    discount with your Avantage card

Travelling between Paris-Lyon and Barcelona Sants? There’s always a TGV INOUI waiting for you

Below are all our timetables and the cities served in both directions.

Timetables and stops: Paris to Barcelona

Paris-Lyon station 6h562 9h42 14h56
Valence TGV 9h06 11h55 17h06
Nîmes-Pont-du-Gard 9h46 - 17h46
Nîmes-Centre - 12h42 -
Montpellier-Saint-Roch - 13h11 -
Montpellier-Sud-de-France 10h08 - 18h08
Sète 10h31 13h31 18h48
Agde 10h48 13h48 18h48
Béziers 11h03 14h03 19h03
Narbonne 11h20 14h20 19h20
Perpignan 11h56 14h56 19h46
Perpignan-entrée/sortie LGV 12h09 15h09 20h09
Figueres 12h27 15h27 20h27
Girona 12h47 15h44 20h44
Barcelone-Sants 13h25 16h25 21h25


Timetables and stops: Barcelona to Paris

Barcelone-Sants 10h33 14h32 16h102
Girona 11h11 15h10 16h48
Figueres 11h28 15h27 17h05
Perpignan 11h54 15h54 17h32
Narbonne 12h39 16h39 18h40
Béziers 12h55 16h55 18h57
Agde 13h09 17h08 19h11
Sète 13h25 17h24 19h27
Montpellier-Sud-de-France - - 19h47
Montpellier-Saint-Roch 13h43 17h43 -
Nîmes-Centre 14h15 18h15 -
Nîmes-Pont-du-Gard - - 20h10
Valence TGV 15h02 19h02 20h51
Lyon-Saint-Exupéry TGV - - -
Paris-Lyon station 17h18 21h18 23h05


Better fares and benefits

With our Essential fare, you can book 2nd class tickets from just €391, or enjoy all the comforts of 1st class TGV INOUI service from €491. We also offer a 50% discount for accompanying children ages 4 to 11 inclusive. Travelling with an infant or toddler? Choose our Bambin offer for children up to age 3. You pay nothing if your child travels on your lap, and only €9 if you book a seat for them.

Pets are also welcome aboard TGV INOUI. The fare is €7 for an animal in a carrying case (not to exceed 45 x 30 x 25 cm) and €20 for a leashed, muzzled dog.

If service is disrupted, 25%-50% of your ticket will be refunded under our G30 International guarantee, and we’ll be there to assist you in both France and Spain.

Save 30% with your Avantage card

Do you travel occasionally or frequently between Paris and Barcelona? Any Avantage card entitles you to:

  • 30% off our Essential fare
  • access to last-minute “No Flex” offers
  • 15% off products and services from our partners

Enjoy all the comforts of TGV INOUI service

Savour the best in high-speed rail travel with the comfort and onboard services of TGV INOUI:

  • 2 trilingual train managers are on hand throughout your journey.
  • The onboard menu has a Spanish flair.
  • You can order your meals online.
  • You’ll enjoy complimentary access to WiFi and the TGV INOUI entertainment portal.
  • We offer bilingual signs for your convenience.
  • Trains are kept scrupulously clean, with special attention to recycling.

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Want to save the planet? Choose rail

When you travel by train, you’re choosing the low-carbon, eco-friendly transport option. On average, your TGV INOUI journey generates 1/65 of the CO2 from the same trip by plane, 1/26 of the CO2 from a gas- or diesel-powered car and 1/12 of the CO2 from an electric vehicle.

Book your ticket to Barcelona

From inside France, dial 3635 any day of the week, 08.00-20.00. From outside France, dial +33 1 84 94 3635. In either case, our service is free: you pay only the cost of your call. NOTE: TER tickets cannot be purchased or exchanged at this number.

1 Fare available on select trains at select times. Our Essential fare is semi-flexible: 

  • up to 3 days before departure, ticket exchanges and refunds are free of charge   
  • from 2 days before departure to departure, the fee is €15
  • after your train has departed, the fee is 100%

2 Service available in summer.