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In the mood for a Spanish getaway? You can take an SNCF train to Barcelona from 9 French cities any day of the week. And with our new TGV INOUI offer, you’ll enjoy the best of high-speed rail during your journey.

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Starting 11 December 2022, we’ll offer 100% TGV INOUI travel to Spain from 9 French cities.1 With fares from Paris starting at just €392, it’s the ideal way to explore the charms of Catalonia.

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New! 100% TGV INOUI service to Spain

After 9 years, our partnership with Renfe, the Spanish rail company, is coming to an end. Starting on 11 December 2022, all trains from France to Spain will be operated exclusively by SNCF and TGV INOUI. Service from Marseille and Lyon to Barcelona will be discontinued, but we’ll offer up to 3 daily return journeys to Barcelona from Paris-Lyon station, via Valence, Nîmes, Montpellier, Sète, Agde, Béziers, Narbonne, Perpignan, Figueres and Girona.

Exploring Spain

Ready to taste the pleasures of Catalonia and discover its architectural wonders? Take one of our TGV INOUI high-speed trains to Figueres, Girona or Barcelona.



This northern Catalan city is full of treasures. Immerse yourself in the surrealist art and architecture of Salvador Dalí at the Dalí Theatre-Museum, and explore Sant Ferran Castle—Europe’s largest 18th-century fortress and Catalonia’s biggest monument. Then roam through the historic city centre, where you’ll find architectural gems from the medieval, neoclassical and modern periods.

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Be sure to stroll through Barri Vell, the walled Old Quarter of this Catalan city, where brightly coloured houses overlook the Onyar River. Want to experience a new taste sensation? Girona’s local specialities include Escala anchovies, Pals rice, and a sweet sausage called Botifarra dolça.

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If you’re already familiar with the leading attractions of the Catalan capital, try getting off the beaten path, starting with Bellesguard Tower. Perched high above the city, it’s the least-known work by modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. And don’t miss Ignacio de Puig, a secret park tucked behind the Petit Palace Boqueria Garden hotel. At day’s end, relax with a drink and some jazz, swing or blues at Pipas Social Club, a hidden bar on the Plaça Reial.

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The many benefits of TGV travel

Want to save the planet? Choose rail

When you travel to Spain by rail, you’re choosing the low-carbon, eco-friendly solution. On average, your TGV INOUI journey generates 1/65 of the CO2 from the same trip by plane, 1/26 of the CO2 from a gas- or diesel-powered car and 1/12 of the CO2 from an electric vehicle.

Even more benefits

Avantage Jeune Card

Got an Avantage Jeune card? You’re guaranteed to save 30% on all trains to Spain. And you can book any time, right up to the last available seat.

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Avantage Adulte card

If you’re age 27-59 and go to Spain frequently, our Avantage Adulte card is for you—whether you travel solo or with others. You’ll save 30% on 1st and 2nd class tickets, and your card will pay for itself from the first return journey.

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Avantage Senior card

If you’re age 60 or over and go to Spain frequently, our Avantage Senior card is for you—whether you travel solo or with others. You’re guaranteed to save 30% on all trains to Spain, and you can book any time, right up to the last available seat. Your card also includes a 60% discount on tickets for up to 3 accompanying children.

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Premier onboard service with TGV INOUI

Experience the best of high-speed rail with the comforts and onboard services of TGV INOUI:

  • 2 trilingual train managers are on hand throughout your journey.
  • Our onboard cuisine has a Spanish flair, and you can order food and beverages online. Our gourmet menu is eco-friendly, with organic, local, vegetarian options, and the cutlery and 85% of the packaging are recyclable.
  • We work especially hard to keep our trains clean, and we recycle in our stations and onboard.
  • You’ll enjoy complimentary access to our WiFi and entertainment portal.
  • We offer bilingual signs for your convenience.
  • If service is disrupted, you’re covered by our G30 international guarantee. We’ll assist you in both France and Spain.

1 Paris, Valence, Nîmes, Montpellier, Sète, Agde, Béziers, Narbonne and Perpignan.

2 Starting ticket price per person, based on our Essential fare, for a one-way journey in 2nd class. Valid for TGV INOUI trains operating on or after 11 December 2022.

3 Fares are set at €7 for an animal in a carrying case (not to exceed 45 x 30 x 25 cm) and €20 for a leashed, muzzled dog.