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In the mood for a Spanish getaway? Here’s your chance. We offer daily high-speed service to leading destinations in Spain from 13 cities in France.  

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Exploring Spain

Thanks to our partnership with Renfe, Spain has never been closer. Every day, high-speed trains depart for the Iberian Peninsula from 13 French cities1. It’s the perfect way to travel for an outing with friends—or a romantic getaway.

Getting there

  • Paris-Barcelona from €391
  • Lyon-Barcelona from €391
  • Montpellier-Figueres from €191
  • Marseille-Madrid from €591

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The many benefits of TGV travel

  • Revel in the diversity of Spanish cuisine as you sample mouth-watering tapas in the restaurants along Las Ramblas.

  • Amble along the verdant paths of Barcelona’s famous Park Guëll and enjoy its spectacular views of the old city.

  • Bask in the quiet Mediterranean charm of Figueres, birthplace of Salvador Dalí.

  • Inaugurated in 1974, the Dalí Museum houses a remarkable collection of works by the quintessential surrealist painter.

  • Soak in the rich cultural heritage of Girona, one of Catalonia’s best-kept secrets.

  • Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Girona, a gem set in a cluster of arcaded streets with architectures ranging from Romanesque to Baroque to modern.

  • Festive, enchanting Madrid has everything you could ask for—sunny skies, boisterous fiestas and magnificent museums.

  • Stroll around the Plaza de Cibeles, famous for its superb fountain and imposing Palacio de Comunicaciones.

  • Explore Zaragoza, a monumental city at the crossroads of four great civilizations—Roman, Muslim, Jewish and Christian.

  • Revel in the harmonious proportions of the Patio de Santa Isabel in Zaragoza’s Palacio Aljaferia.


Even more benefits

Avantage Jeune Card

Got an Avantage Jeune railcard? You’re guaranteed to save 25%6 on all trains to Spain. And you can book any time, right up to the last available seat.

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Avantage Adulte card

If you’re age 27-59 and go to Spain frequently, our Avantage Adulte card is for you—whether you travel solo or with others. You’ll save 30% on 1st and 2nd class tickets, and your card will pay for itself from the first return journey.

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Avantage Senior card

If you’re age 60 or over and go to Spain frequently, our Avantage Senior card is for you—whether you travel solo or with others. You’re guaranteed to save 30% on all trains to Spain, and you can book any time, right up to the last available seat. Your card also includes a 60% discount on tickets for up to 3 accompanying children.

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1 Starting price per person at the Essential fare, on trains operated under the Renfe-SNCF partnership. Valid for a one-way journey in 2nd class.

2 Best times for each journey: Montpellier-Figueres in 1h58; Lyon-Barcelona in 5h05; Paris-Barcelona in 6h29.

3 Bags must be clearly tagged. Hand luggage includes: skis, children’s pushchairs, wheelchair, wakeboards (maximum cover size 1.20 m x 0.90 m). You may bring up to 3 bags at no extra charge. Your bicycle travels for free if you fold it or remove the wheels, provided it fits in a bike bag measuring no more than 1.20 m x 0.90 m.