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Aboard your TGV

Our TGVs have a lot to offer—WiFi, a café-bar, and welcoming spaces where you can relax and socialize.

Relax. We’ve got the amenities you need.

Adjustable seats

Travel in comfort with our new ergonomic seats—now standard in both 1st and 2nd class.

Power outlets

Need to recharge your smartphone or touchscreen tablet? On most of our lines, 1st class coaches now have a separate power outlet for each passenger1.

Folding tray tables

Want to use your computer or enjoy a meal? Simply open up your tray table.

A reading light just for you1

The light is soft and easy on the eyes, so you can read comfortably without disturbing your neighbours.

Comfort zone

Our TGV coaches feature lighting that adjusts throughout the day, and a ventilation system that regulates the temperature and recycles the air.


The platforms between coaches allow you to make mobile calls without disturbing your fellow passengers. There’s also an office space with power outlets that anyone can use.

Luggage storage areas

Stow heavy or bulky bags in the designated areas at the entrance to your compartment. Carryon bags go in the overhead rack above your seat.

Nursery area

If you’re travelling with an infant or toddler, feel free to use our nursery area, complete with changing table.

Need to heat a bottle or baby food for a child under three? Simply ask, and our catering staff will be happy to oblige.

Carré Famille

Travelling with your children? Book a Carré Famille in 1st or 2nd class, and you'll have four facing seats for your family. 

Espace Familles

Want to enjoy some family time aboard your train? Book your 2nd class seats in one of our Espace Familles2 coaches, available aboard select trains on select dates.

You’ll share the coach with other families, so your children can play freely together during the journey without disturbing other passengers. And because the Espace Familles is next door to the nursery area, travelling with your infant or toddler is easier, too.

Espace Calme

Travelling 1st class aboard one of our TGVs? Consider booking in our Espace Calme4, a dedicated area where you can travel in peace. Available for select destinations at no extra charge.

In Espace Calme, everyone enjoys a restful journey by following a few simple rules:

  • keep conversations quiet
  • use headphones
  • make phone calls on the platform between coaches
  • silence electronic devices

Espace Pro Première

Travelling on business? Choose Espace Pro Première for a quiet space where you can work or relax.

When you book your Pro Première TGV ticket, you’re automatically assigned to a seat in the Espace Pro Première coach as long as space is available—at no extra charge3.

Learn more about your benefits in Espace Pro Première

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Our TGV café-bar

Located in car 4 or 14, the café-bar in your TGV is a great place to relax or socialize.

There’s something on the menu for every budget, and we change our offering regularly to showcase fresh, seasonal products. We recommend:

  • the "Veggie Menu": for 9.90 € get a quinoa salad with tomatoes, red peppers and organic cranberries or the olive oil-confit vegetable salad, includes a dessert and a beverage
  • the "Counter Menu" : for 11.90€ get a club sandwich (ham, sheep’s cheese, tomatoes, yoghurt sauce with tandoori spices and tarragon) or a pita bread (chicken, raw vegetables, lemon confit hummus), includes a dessert and beverage
  • the "Bistro Menu": for 13.90€ choose between three meals concocted by the famous chef Michel Sarran ; the first one includes grilled chicken, rice, red peppers, BBQ sauce and rosemary, the second one includes a burger with pesto sauce, fourme d’Ambert, chorizo and matchstick chips, and the third one includes red lentil penne, cumin-roasted carrots and olives; each meal comes with a dessert and a beverage
  • the "Sweet Break": for 5.40€ get a sweet snack or a lemon cake and a hot or a specialty beverage, a soda or a mineral water
  • sweets from our selection for 2€

Browse our menu

The Bar is committed to offering you the tastiest meals

Ready for a gourmet experience? Make your journey memorable with creations by Michelin-starred chef Michel Sarran, available exclusively in your TGV café-bar. His mouth-watering entrées, sandwiches and salads are on the menu now.

And we still offer our classic favourites—croque-monsieur sandwiches, lemon poppy seed cake, and our “boco” menu—a selection of light dishes served in simple glass jars.

Commandez votre repas en ligne

Pressé de manger ? Réservez en ligne vos repas, boissons ou snacking et récupérez votre commande en priorité au Bar TGV. Il vous suffira de quelques clics pour faire votre choix de repas.

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On-board WiFi with TGV inOUI

Connect to our WiFi portal to enjoy free Internet access, track your journey in real time, and explore SNCF services and entertainment options.

All TGV INOUI trains are now equipped with WiFi.

Video : Wifi à bord

1 Available on select trains only.

2 Espace Famille coaches are available every weekend aboard many TGV trains serving select destinations on our Atlantic and South-East lines.

3 Espace Pro Première is available Monday through Friday on 12 main lines in France: Paris-Bordeaux, Paris-Lille, Paris-Lyon, Paris-Marseille, Paris-Montpellier, Paris-Nantes, Paris-Rennes, Paris-Strasbourg, Paris-Nancy, Paris-Metz, Paris-Dijon, and Paris-Grenoble.

4 Please check availability: in some cases, this service is offered every day; in others, only on Saturday and Sunday.