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Expanding TGV INOUI in France and across Europe

Our premium TGV offer has now been available for over two years, and passengers are so enthusiastic that we’re expanding it to new lines in France and other European countries.

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More and more TGV INOUI destinations

After its successful debut on lines such as Paris-Lyon-Marseille, Paris-Bordeaux-Toulouse, Paris-Lille and Paris-Strasbourg, TGV INOUI is stepping up its presence throughout France.

World-class high-speed rail service is now available to and from South-western France, thanks in part to our new Nîmes-Montpellier bypass.

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Experience the best in high-speed travel

Aboard your TGV INOUI, you’ll enjoy personalized service, attentive staff, and unrivalled comfort. All TGV INOUI trainsets and seats have been completely renovated to include power points and specially designed spaces where you can work, relax, or chat with friends. 


Brittany or the Alps? Get there in no time

TGV INOUI will reach a new milestone in France this year. By the end of 2020, premium high-speed service will be available in:

  • Rennes, Quimper and Brest in Brittany 
  • Nantes 
  • La Rochelle 
  • Dijon 
  • Annecy, Chambéry and Grenoble in the French Alps

New European destinations

Travelling around Europe? Starting in 2020, you can take TGV INOUI to Turin and Milan in Italy. More interested in Tintin than Fashion Week? No problem. We now offer TGV INOUI service to Brussels, too

And don’t forget our original European offer: 

  • in Germany, service to Freiburg im Breisgau, and to other German cities under our partnership with Deutsche-Bahn
  • in Luxembourg

Over 310 TGV INOUI trains throughout France by 2021

Adapting to your needs

With boarding gates now installed in our stations, tickets are checked before you board, so our train managers can focus on you and your needs. And we’ve trained 8,000 SNCF employees to provide more personalized service during your journey.

Better connectivity

With TGV INOUI, you’ll enjoy free on-board WiFi throughout your journey. Visit our WiFi portal to: 

  • get real-time passenger information 
  • chat with other passengers 
  • track your train’s progress
  • listen to podcasts and read stories to your children
  • play games

And be sure to try our new on-line services, including in-seat meal ordering with a priority pick-up line in the café-bar.

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95 %

of our TGVs¹ will become TGV INOUIs by year-end 2021

1 For a total of 319 trainsets out of 336 (excludes OUIGO et Lyria).