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Do you travel frequently for work? With our TGV inOUI Pro offer, you’ll have access to a wealth of services and benefits exclusively for business travellers.

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Get more flexibility¹ with your Business Première, Liberté or Fréquence ticket

Is your business calendar hard to predict? Our Business Première, Liberté and Fréquence tickets make life simpler with:

  • Flexibilité Maximum (exchanges and refunds are free up to 30 minutes after your train departs)
  • Échange Garanti2 (you can exchange your ticket, even for a full same-day train)

TGV INOUI Pro: the app³ that makes your journey easy

Manage your journey—down to the last detail—right from your smartphone with the TGV INOUI Pro app:

  • exchange your e-tickets—even if your train is full 
  • cancel your tickets at no charge 
  • sync your journeys automatically
  • access your travel receipt
  • get real-time information
  • store digital versions of your Fréquence, Liberté and Grand Voyageur cards

And you’ll find a light version of the app on our TGV INOUI Pro mobile site.

Go to the TGV INOUI Pro mobile site now

Get the best of TGV INOUI with Business Première⁴

Got a Business Première fare, a Liberté card or a Fréquence 1re pass? We offer special services just for you: 

Enjoy premium services exclusively for Business Première customers

We’ll welcome you aboard with a complimentary hot or cold beverage and a newspaper on the platform. This service is available on select lines5, Monday through Friday at rush hour.

Save time with Accès Express

Accès Express offers you priority boarding6 and dedicated lines in SNCF sales offices.

Visit our TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounges

Work or relax in a quiet space with free WiFi. Choose from our wide selection of complimentary beverages, and help yourself to a newspaper or magazine.

Leaving early or arriving late? No problem. Our Grand Voyageur lounges have extended hours on weekdays and weekends, in 12 stations throughout France7.

Find a station with a TGV INOUI Grand Voyageur lounge

Claims processed in 2 business days

If you need to file a claim under our G30 guarantee, simply call customer service, and a dedicated team of advisers will handle it via e-mail within 2 business days.8 Complete the form on line or from your TGV INOUI Pro app (choose Help & Contact).

Complete the claim form

1 We’ll exchange your ticket free of charge up to 30 minutes after departure, and we’ll issue free ticket refunds up to 30 minutes after departure in stations and SNCF sales offices at the point of departure. Starting 30 minutes before departure, you may make only two exchanges, and they are limited to other same-day trains and journeys that include your original journey. If you exchange your tickets within the 30 minutes before departure, they are no longer refundable.

2 You must exchange your ticket before you board your train. If you do not, you will have the same status as a passenger travelling without a valid ticket, and once on board you will be charged the amount required under our Passenger Fares agreement. Same-day tickets at the Liberté card, Fréquence pass, Pro 2de, CD or Business Première fare may be exchanged, even for a full train, via the TGV INOUI Pro app, at a self-service machine, or at a station or sales office. If you exchange your ticket before departure and your train is full, the conductor will welcome you aboard unless safety considerations require him to refuse. You are not guaranteed a seat.

3 The app is free and available for iPhone® and Android®.

4 The following fares qualify as TGV Business Première: Business Première, Fréquence 1re, Fréquence 30 1re, Liberté 1re, 1st-class group fares and discounted 1st-class fares.

5 Services available Monday through Friday (excluding school summer holidays), at rush hour (trains departing between 07.00 and 09.00 and between 16.30 and 18.30), on the following TGV INOUI lines: Paris-Bordeaux, Paris-Lille Flandres and Europe, Paris-Lyon Part-Dieu, Paris-Marseille, Paris-Montpellier, Paris-Nantes, Paris-Rennes and Paris-Strasbourg.

6 This service is now being rolled out.

7 Paris-Est station: Monday through Friday 06.00-21.00, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Paris-Lyon station: Monday through Friday 06.30-21.00, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Paris-Montparnasse station: Monday through Friday 06.15-21.15, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Paris-Nord station: Monday through Friday, 06.30-21.00, weekends and bank holidays 07.00-20.00.
Bordeaux station: Monday through Friday 06.00-22.00, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Lille Europe station: Monday through Friday 06.15-20.00, weekends 08.00-20.00.
Lille-Flandres station: Monday through Friday 06.00-21.00, weekends 08.00-20.00.
Lyon Part-Dieu station: Monday through Friday 05.40-20.15, weekends and holidays 07.00-20.00.
Marseille-St-Charles station: Monday through Friday 06.00-20.30, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Nantes station: Monday through Friday 05.30-20.30, weekends 07.00-20.00.
Rennes station: Monday through Friday 06.00-20.00, Saturday 06.00-20.00, Sunday 07.30-20.00.
Strasbourg station: Monday through Friday 05.30-21.30, weekends 07.00-20.00.

8 Business days.