Accessible travel

Need special assistance? Learn more about what we can do for you—from guiding you through the station to making you comfortable aboard our trains.

Visit SNCF’s accessibility site (in French)

Access SNCF’s limited mobility guide (in French)

Covid-19 and our special assistance services

We continue to offer special assistance to people with disabilities and limited mobility amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Be ready to show your health pass

From Monday, 9 August 2021, you must have a health pass to travel on long-distance trains. These are defined as TGV, TGV INOUI, OUIGO, INTERCITÉS day and night trains, and long-distance international trains departing from France. Your pass may be checked in the station and aboard your train, both during and after your journey.
To make travel easier, our disability assistance desk may offer pre-checks for passengers with disabilities and limited mobility. This gives you priority during the verification process.

Book your services in advance

We recommend booking your assistance services in advance to ensure that they’ll be available. We’ll do what we can to accommodate passengers who arrive at the station without advance booking.
If you need to change or cancel your journey, please contact our booking team so we can give you the best possible service.

Wear a mask and practice social distancing

To keep you and our employees safe, we have temporarily modified our guidelines for assistance to people with disabilities and limited mobility. You are required to wear a mask. If you don’t, we will be unable to assist you.
If you have a medical certificate exempting you from the mask requirement, you must wear a face shield in stations and aboard your train.
To receive special assistance, you must wear a mask or face shield and present a medical certificate and any other documents showing that you have a disability.
To receive special assistance services, you must also be able to comply with all anti-Covid measures, in particular practicing social distancing with other passengers.

Learn more about passenger information, cancellation and refunds

Got a question about travelling or requesting cancellations and refunds? Please visit this dedicated site.

Special assistance

Our services make it easier to get around—in the station and aboard your train.

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Priority and discounts

You may qualify for special discounts and priority in queues.

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Station accessibility

Explore the accessibility features you can use to chart your course through French stations.

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On-board accessibility

Our trains have a range of amenities to make your journey comfortable.

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More accessibility services

We offer a range of services tailored to your needs.

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