Priority and discounts

Do you have a disability? Whether you travel solo or with a companion, you’re entitled to special discounts and priority in queues. And if your disability card meets certain requirements, your companion also qualifies for reduced fares.

View the SNCF limited mobility guide (in French)

Download the SNCF limited mobility guide (PDF, French, 2.94 MB)

Priority access

You have priority in queues and for seating if you hold:

  • a disability card with a rating of 80% or more
  • a priority card
  • a disability card marked “difficulty standing” or “disabled priority”
  • a family priority card

Don’t hesitate to make other passengers aware of your priority status.

Discounts for your companion

Depending on the information on your disability card, your companion may qualify for reduced fares as well.

Your companion will receive a 50% discount on his or her ticket if: 1) your disability card shows a rating of 80% or more and 2) is marked “difficulty standing” or “white cane” or has no special designation.

Your companion pays only the booking fee, if any, plus the appropriate fare for the travel period and class, if your disability card shows a rating of 80% or more and one of the following designations:

  • “Needs companion” or “Needs companion due to visual impairment” 
  •  “Third person”, “Blindness” and/or “Green star”

There is no ticket discount for the disability card holder. Your companion must be at least 12 years old, and you may not be accompanied by another disability card holder.

Military retirees and war pensioners

Depending on your status, you and your companion may be eligible for ticket discounts as follows:

  • 50% discount if you hold a disability card with one blue bar (disability rating of 25%-45%) 
  • 75% discount if you hold a disability card with one red bar (disability rating of 50% or more) 
  • 75% discount for you and your companion if you hold a disability card with two red bars (disability rating of 85% or more)
  • 75% discount for you, and your companion travels free if you hold a disability card with two blue bars (100% disability rating)

Discounts based on your card and status

Depending on your status, you and your companion may be entitled to special pricing for point-to-point and t+ tickets and for Navigo passes. You are eligible for these discounts if you:

  • hold a disability card marked “Needs companion due to visual impairment”
  • have a military medical discharge card or military pensioner’s card
  • are a veteran or senior citizen, or if you have a disability

Know your rights!

Requirements for guide and service dogs

Your service animal travels free aboard all our trains and needs no ticket, provided you bring its papers with you. If you are travelling outside France, please contact your carriers directly for their requirements.

Under French law, you are not required to muzzle your guide dog if you have documents showing that it is properly trained.

Learn more about travelling with your animal

Taking Eurostar with your guide or assistance dog

Eurostar welcomes guide and assistance dogs, whether they’re certified or not. Your dog travels free, but you must book a seat for him or her, and Eurostar cannot accept more than four dogs on each train. To be sure there’s room for both of you, let us know your dog will be travelling with you when you book. At least 48 hours before departure, call our customer service department at 01 70 70 60 99 and choose Option 2 and then Option 4. From outside France, dial +33 1 70 70 60 99.

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