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Special assistance

We offer personal assistance services that make your travel easier, whether you’re travelling around France or going abroad. Choose from Accès Plus, Accès Plus Transilien and Accès TER.

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Accès Plus

Travelling with a disability or limited mobility? Whether you’re travelling around France or going abroad, book Accès Plus to have a personal assistant meet you at the station and help you board and exit your train. This service also includes carrying a single item of luggage up to 15 kg1.

Accès Plus is now available in 360 stations for travel aboard TGV, Intercités, Alleo, Lyria, TGV France-Spain and TGV France-Italy—and it’s free.

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Dial +33 890 640 650. From a landline inside France, you pay €0.12/min including tax + the cost of the call.

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Accès TER

If you hold a disability card, a military medical discharge card or a military pensioner’s card, we can make your regional travel easier with Accès TER, our free in-station assistance service. Just specify Accès TER when you book your tickets.

Making connections

Does your journey involve a transfer between TER and TGV/Intercités? Contact Accès Plus to plan your journey from door to door. Your telephone adviser will arrange the services you need in each station, from departure through connection to arrival. Learn more and book

  • by telephone:  contact Allo TER at +33 969 322 141 (no surcharge from inside France). Available Monday through Friday, 07.00-19.00, and Saturday 08.00-13.00

  • by e-mail:

  • by telephone: call the Mobigo! call centre at +33 380 112 929 and choose option 5. (From inside France, you pay the cost of a local call.) Service available Monday through Friday, 07.00-19.00.
  • by fax: +33 381 824 207
  • by postal mail: Services Accès TER Burgundy / BP 71273 / 25005 Besançon Cedex 03

By telephone: +33 800 880 562 (toll-free from a landline inside France). Monday through Friday, 06.15-20.00, and Saturday 10.00-17.00.

  • by telephone: call +33 800 835 923 (toll-free from inside France), Monday through Saturday (except bank holidays), 06.00-20.00. This service is free.

  • by postal mail: write to
    SNCF Service Accès TER
    BP 40 625
    37206 TOURS cedex 03

  • by telephone: call +33 800 801 801 (free from a landline inside France), Monday through Friday, 06.00-21.00
  • by fax: +33 235 521 480
  • by telephone: call +33 805 506 070 (no surcharge from inside France), Monday through Friday, 06.00-20.00

  • by e-mail:


Accès Plus Transilien

If you use a wheelchair or hold a disability card with a rating of 80% or more, Accès Plus Transilien is for you.

This personal assistance service is now available at 375 stations and stops in the Paris region—and it’s free. Accès Plus Transilien covers RER lines A, B, C, D and E and Transilien lines H, J, L, N and U2.

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Call +33 970 824 142 (no surcharge on call from inside France)

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1 If you need to bring more than one bag, please make your own arrangements for the additional items—or use our Door-to-Door Luggage Delivery service in combination with Accès Plus. You’ll qualify for a 25% discount, starting with your second bag.

2 You can also book a journey between any SNCF station with Accès Plus Transilien and any accessible RATP station on RER lines A and B.