Station accessibility

Make your way through the station with confidence, thanks to a wide range of accessibility features.

View SNCF’s limited mobility guide (in French)

Download the SNCF limited mobility guide (PDF, French, 2.94 MB)

A wide range of accessibility features


Thanks to specially designed amenities, everyone can move through French stations safely and independently.

Information in Braille and relief

Braille and relief, present on handrails and other key amenities, help you chart a course through the station.

Safety decals

Glass walls, doors and other obstacles are marked with white bands to make them more visible.

Tactile floor paths

Tactile floor paths also help guide you through the station.

Tactile warning strips

Warning strips alert you to potential hazards.

Audio beacons

Audio support systems, activated automatically or manually with a remote, help you navigate through the station.

A brief overview of in-station amenities for clients with limited mobility


Accessibility personnel in the station have wheelchairs to convey you comfortably from the meeting point to your train.

Automatic doors

Doors open automatically as you approach, making it easier to move around the station.


Handrails help you move around the station independently.


To help you identify stairways, the risers of the first and last steps are visually highlighted. In addition, all stair nosing features visual contrast, plus a non-slip surface.


Escalators feature comb plates at top and bottom, as well as markings on the edge of each step, making access easier for everyone.


Lifts are accessible to all, with information in Braille and relief, plus audio announcements.


Ramps help you move from one level of the station to the next.

Power lifts and access ramps

Access ramps are available when the gap between the train and platform is too big. If you use a wheelchair, ask station personnel for a power lift to help you board your train.

Your station features a number of communication systems

Call boxes

Use them to contact a station employee for information or assistance with boarding.

Magnetic induction loops

Located at ticket windows and in passenger waiting areas, these systems capture sounds at the source and transfer them directly to your hearing aid.

Your virtual interpreter

Jade, your virtual interpreter, translates audio announcements into French sign language on flat-screen displays. This service is available in 24 stations.

Stations designed with you in mind

Car parks

In many stations, you’ll find reserved spaces near the entrance, reception area and lifts1.

Ticket windows

Ticket windows feature a low counter, providing wheelchair users with legroom and a place to put their belongings, as well as magnetic induction loops for the hearing-impaired2.


Toilets feature specially positioned sinks, grab bars for added safety and stability, and flashing lights to alert you in the event of an emergency.

1 These parking spaces have special marking on the pavement as well as vertical signage, and they are extra-wide to allow wheelchair users to move around vehicles safely

2 Priority windows are clearly marked with pictograms and easy for all passengers to identify.