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Bike on board

Want to bring your bicycle aboard? No problem. Here’s how to travel with your bike on TGV, Intercités and TER trains, plus select journeys outside France.

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Before you board

You can bring your bike aboard any SNCF train as long as there’s space available. We offer two options:

  • fold or disassemble your bike1, store it in a carrying case2 and bring it on board for free     
  • store your bike in a dedicated area of the train. Look for the bicycle icon after you book

During your journey

You are responsible for your bicycle throughout your journey, and you must load and unload it yourself. Inside our stations, please dismount and walk your bike. Once on board, please do not block others from moving around the train.


When you take a TER regional train, your bicycle travels for free. Simply hang it up or place it in the designated area. Spaces in these areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be booked.

Visit the TER website for your region

Boarding requirements may vary from region to region.

All TER sites are in French only

Transilien commuter rail

Your bike3 travels free in the Paris Region, subject to certain conditions:

  • Monday-Friday, before 06.30, between 9.30 and 16.30, and after 19.30
  • on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays
  • regardless of the day or time, you may not bring your bike aboard Transilien trains during peak traffic periods
  • tip: choose a folding bicycle for unrestricted travel without inconveniencing your fellow passengers

Visit the Transilien website to learn more

Travel with TGV INOUI

Do you want to travel with your bike on a TGV INOUI train?

  • Do you have a folding bike? Store it in its cover and it rides free with your other luggage
  • If your bike isn't foldable, book a place for you bike for 10€4.

Book your TGV INOUI + Bike ticket now by clicking on Add bike(s) button

Travel with Ouigo

When you fold or disassemble your bike and store it in a carrying case, you can bring it aboard your OUIGO train for €5.

When travelling with OUIGO Train Classique, you have two options :

  • you may pay 10€ to bring your bike without disassembling it
  • or you may pay 5€ to bring your bike either folded or disassembled

Learn more about your bike options

Buy your tickets on the OUIGO website now

Travel with Intercités

Book a space for your bike for just €10:

  • aboard daytime Intercités trains not requiring reservations5
  • aboard daytime Intercités trains reservations
  • aboard overnight Intercités trains6

Travel around Europe


With Eurostar, you have three options: fold your bike and store it in a carrying case; use our registered luggage service on the day of departure; or book a space for your bike aboard the train.

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Your bicycle is welcome if you fold it and pack it in a carrying case. You may pay a fee depending on your total number of bags.

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TGV Lyria

Your bike travels free if you disassemble it and pack it in a carrying case. Or you can book a space with our Train+Vélo service.

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Book your Train+Vélo ticket now

From inside France, dial 3635 any day of the week, 08.00-20.00. (Our service is free: you pay only the cost of your call.)

1 Only standard-size bicycles are allowed aboard our trains. We cannot allow recumbent bikes, tricycles, tandems or towing bicycles of any kind.

 2 When you pack your bicycle in a carrying case, it is treated as carryon luggage. It must be tagged and cannot exceed maximum carryon dimensions: 130 cm high x 90 cm wide.

3 If there is space available. Note: your bicycle may also travel aboard any Transilien bus (including Noctilien night buses) with a luggage hold.

4 Price including tax, per person, for a disassembled and/or folded bicycle, for direct journeys with no connections, aboard TGV trains, daytime Intercités trains requiring reservations and overnight Intercités trains. Disassembled bicycles travel free aboard daytime Intercités not requiring reservations and aboard TER trains, if space is available. Terms and conditions for exchanges and refunds are the same as for your own train ticket. You must pay on line, but you may have the ticket sent to your address at no charge, collect it from a self-service machine, print it yourself, or opt for e-ticket confirmation. Offer may not be combined with any other special deal or SNCF fare discount.

5 Your bike travels free aboard daytime Intercités trains not requiring reservations, except on the Quimper-Nantes-Bordeaux-Toulouse line. On that line, you must book a space for your bicycle and pay a €5 fee to bring it aboard trains nos. 3830/31, 3835, 3837, 3839, 3842, 3854/55, 3856/57 and 3858.

6 Overnight trains have areas where you can store your bicycle. To use this space, you must book it when you buy your ticket.