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Planning to travel with a group? Follow our tips to make your journey as smooth and pleasant as it can be.

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Before you leave

For a hassle-free journey

  • Choose a distinctive visual cue to allow group members to recognize each other.
  • Make sure that each bag is easily distinguishable from the others (attach a tag with full name, address and contact details) and that everyone—even children—can carry their own bags.
  • Print all tickets for the group.
  • Have everyone meet at least one hour ahead of departure to make sure that latecomers aren’t left behind.

Do you have a person with limited mobility in your group?

Contact our Accès Plus service for personalized assistance. Dial 36 35 #45 inside France, or + 33 1 84 94 3635 #45 from other countries. (This service is free: you pay only the cost of your call).

Please contact us well in advance of your travel.

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At the station

On the day

  • Stamp your tickets before you depart. If you printed them at home, simply board your train—no stamping required.
  • Locate your platform and your coach as soon as you can, using the SNCF app.
  • Once your entire group has assembled in the boarding area, present your ticket to one of our employees. Groups take priority, so everyone can go through the gate together.
  • To facilitate boarding, your group may be seated in multiple coaches. Have everyone in the group check their tickets, position themselves at the right place on the platform and take their assigned seats.

Aboard your train

On board

  • The leader of your group should see the train manager and let them know the group is on board.
  • Please make sure that children are accompanied whenever they move around the train. This makes your journey easier for everyone.
  • Please stow all luggage properly.
  • Have your group gather at the exit before leaving the train.
  • If you’re travelling with more than 20 people, please tell everyone to use the exits at both ends of the coach.

On arrival

When your journey is over

  • Need to catch a connecting train? Use the SNCF app to locate the right platform and coaches, and be careful not to leave anyone behind.
  • If your group is taking a bus, make sure that everyone stays together.