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Looking for great deals on TGV INOUI and Intercités travel with friends and family? Choose our Pack Tribu offer and save.

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25 %

discount when you buy 3 or more tickets¹

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Planning to travel in a group of 4-7 people? Choose Pack Tribu to get the best fare and save 25%. When you buy three tickets1, the fourth is free—and the price is the same for each ticket, so everyone saves.

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1 Under our Pack Tribu offer, you’ll save 25% on the total amount for tickets purchased for a group of 4-7 people. To qualify, you must book 4-7 identical tickets in 1st or 2nd class for trains requiring booking (TGV INOUI and Intercités) or for trains not requiring booking. Offer subject to availability of tickets at these fares. The Pack Tribu fare is offered with e-tickets only.

Anyone can qualify for our Pack Tribu fare, provided you book simultaneously for 4-7 people. The price for children ages 4-11 is unchanged, at 50% of the 1st- or 2nd-class fare, and it does not apply to the Pack Tribu fare. Children travelling on a child’s fare are not included in the Pack Tribu group.

Pack Tribu tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, except under our “reschedule or refund” guarantee (Garantie Report et Remboursement). Terms and conditions for this guarantee can be found in our Passenger Fares (Tarif Voyageurs) agreement.