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Want to organize travel for a group of 10-36 people? With SNCF, you can book your train tickets online in just a few clicks.

Get tickets for your group of 10-36 (in French)

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Fast, easy booking

Save on group travel with TGV INOUI and INTERCITÉS, and on TER regional trains to select destinations in France.

Book your tickets online to:

  • save up to 50%1 on adult fares
  • save up to 65% on fares for young people ages 12-27
  • receive confirmation of your journey in 15 days
  • get a guarantee that your group will be seated in the same coach
  • benefit from after-sales service via phone or email

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This offer is not available for Eurostar. To book Eurostar travel for a group of 11 or more, please complete the form at the link below to contact Eurostar directly.

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Contact us

To change your booking or make any other request, please contact us Monday through Friday, 08.30-18.00 (closed on bank holidays). Please ensure that your email includes your name and the reference code for your journey to speed processing of your request.

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Group travel in Europe

Want to organize travel in Europe for 10-36 people? We offer group fares to select destinations:

  • Freiburg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Aachen, Duisburg and Essen in Germany
  • Milan and Turin in Italy
  • Geneva and Basel in Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Brussels, Antwerp and Liège in Belgium 
  • Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Figueres, Girona, Zaragoza, Tarragona and Costa Brava in Spain
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands

Pay with Pot Commun for groups of 10-36 people

Once you’ve selected an option for your journey, simply create an online Pot Commun and ask your fellow passengers to pay into it. After everyone has paid their fares into the kitty, collect the money and pay for your booking online. No need to pay for everyone else in advance!

Book online and use Pot Commun (in French)

Pay for your travel by bank transfer

Are you planning your journey at least 19 business days in advance? Now you can pay by bank transfer. This option is available on our group travel site.

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Enjoy food and beverages on your train

Our Group Onboard Catering services can arrange anything from breakfast to a snack to a full meal. Choose from a wide range of options, available in the café-bar or served to your group in their seats.

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Leave the luggage to us

When you choose Mes Bagages en Groupe, we transport your group’s luggage from the address of your choice all the way to your final destination.

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1 Maximum savings, calculated using the group fare for adults (age 28 or older) or the group fare for young people (ages 12-27), as compared with the full (Plein Tarif) Loisir fare for individuals. Group fares (for children, young people and adults) are available only on select TGV INOUI, INTERCITÉS and TER trains, up to 24 hours before the train leaves. Subject to availability of seats at these fares. Tickets must be purchased with a credit card. You can also get group rates when you call your SNCF group agent: dial 0 810 879 479 in France, or +33 810 879 479 from other countries. (You pay €0.05/min including tax, plus the price of the call.) Or complete our form at an authorized travel agent, a station or an SNCF sales office. Conditions apply.

2 You pay €0.05/min for the service, plus the price of the call

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