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Travelling with a group? Learn more about our great deals for groups of four or more.

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Groups of 10-36

Booking a journey for a school, an association, your family or just a group of friends? We offer great deals for groups of 10-36 people, and you can book your train tickets on line with a single click.

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Pay with Pot Commun for groups of 10-36

Once you’ve selected an option for your journey, create an online Pot Commun and ask your fellow passengers to pay into it. After everyone has paid their fares into the kitty, simply collect the money and pay for your booking on line. No need to pay for everyone else in advance!

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Groups of 37 or more: Request a quote

We offer turnkey travel planning and a range of services to meet your needs, plus tourist activities and big discounts.

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Groups of 4-7: Pack Tribu

Looking for a great deal on TGV INOUI or Intercités travel for your small group? Our Pack Tribu offer is for you. Buy three tickets together, and the fourth is free2. The price is the same for all four tickets, so everyone saves.3

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Download the group travel checklist (PDF, French, 183KB)

Download our guide to group travel with Eurostar (PDF, French)

1 Maximum savings, calculated using the group fare for adults (age 28 or older) or the group fare for young people (ages 12-27), as compared with the full Loisir fare for individuals. Group fares (for children, young people and adults) are available only on select TGV inOUI, Intercités and TER trains, up to 24 hours before the train leaves. Subject to availability of tickets at these fares.

You can also get group rates by calling your SNCF group travel agent at 08 10 87 94 79. (You pay €0.05/min including tax, plus the price of the call.) Outside France, dial +33 8 10 87 94 79. Or complete our form at an authorized travel agent, in a station or at an SNCF sales office. Conditions apply.

2Offer valid from 1 May 2016 for any purchase of 4-7 identical tickets at Loisir fares (full Loisir fare or Loisir Réduit discount fare) or Prem’s fares for TGV inOUI (does not include Ouigo) and Intercités trains. Subject to availability of seats. This offer is not valid for Intercités 100% Éco trains. The discount is distributed equally among the individual tickets, so all tickets in a Pack Tribu group are issued at the same price. Discount applies to travel inside France and to select international trains (TGVs between France and Luxembourg, TGVs between Paris and Freiburg im Breisgau, and TGVs between Brussels and French cities other than Paris). Offer does not apply to additional paid services. Tickets may be exchanged or refunded, depending on the type of fare you choose. This offer may not be combined with any other special deal, reduced SNCF fare, or discount card.

3 To get these fares, choose from four options: complete the booking form on; call 3635 from within France (€0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider); visit a station or SNCF sales offices; or go to an authorized travel agent. Outside France call +33 8 92 35 35 35.

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