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What can I take on board?

Need to bring your own skis or your snowboard while traveling with TGV INOUI, Intercités, OUIGO, TER, Thalys or Eurostar? Here's everything you need to know about luggage.

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TGV INOUI , TGV INOUI France-Spain and Intercités

Travelling with suitcases, duffels, and backpacks

  • Carry-on bags and other small items: place these at your feet, under your seat or in the overhead rack.
  • Other luggage: stow larger items in the areas at the ends and in the centre of your coach. Storage space may also be available on the floor between some back-to-back seats.

For a safe, pleasant journey, please remember:

  • Your luggage is your responsibility. All items must be tagged.
  • There is no weight limit, but you must be able to carry your own luggage. Only ticket holders are allowed to go through the boarding gates and onto the platform.
  • Once on board, please do not allow your luggage and personal effects to block aisles or access doors.2 Keeping these areas clear ensures the safety and convenience of all passengers, especially in the event of a fire, evacuation or medical emergency.

Quelles sont les conditions pour monter à bord ?

  Must be
130 x 90 cm

Must travel
in a
carrying case

Must be
Disassembled bike  
Bike: not folded
or disassembled
Folding bike  
Aquatic boards
and snowboards

Bulky items

  • You can take your aquatic board or snowboard with you if you store it in a carrying case no larger than 130 x 90 cm.
  • Skis can come along with you too. But please place them in the appropriate carrying case—and don’t take too many! There are no size requirements, but each passenger is limited to one pair of skis.
  • If you fold your pushchair and stow it in the luggage area, it can travel with you as hand luggage.
  • Human-powered and electric scooters are treated as hand luggage, provided they are folded and are no larger than 130 x 90 cm.
  • Your musical instrument is welcome aboard. It also qualifies as hand luggage if you store it in a dedicated case (preferably a rigid one) no larger than 130 x 90 cm.

Is your item bigger than 130 x 90 cm? In some cases, our Mes Bagages service may be the solution.

Travelling with your bike

  • If you can’t fold or disassemble your bike, you must book a space for it when you buy your train ticket. The fee is €10 per bike per journey, and this booking service is only available aboard select TGV INOUI trains.
  • If you can fold your bike, it can travel with you as hand luggage aboard any TGV INOUI train, provided it is no larger than 130 x 90 cm when folded.
  • If you can disassemble your bike, you can take it aboard any TGV INOUI train. No booking is required, but you must store it in a bike bag no larger than 130 x 90 cm. 
  • For more information, visit our dedicated bike page.

We regret that we are unable to accept recumbent bikes, tricycles, tandems or bike trailers.  In some cases, our Mes Bagages service may be the solution.

What not to take

We cannot allow you to board with:

  • Hazardous items. This includes knives, firearms, explosives, flammable liquids such as fuels and paint, and any other hazardous product, such as chemicals and biohazards.
  • Unusual items, such as plants and perishable goods with unpleasant odours.
  • Commercial goods. These include products whose quantity and/or packaging clearly shows that you are using your passenger ticket to transport merchandise that should be handled by a specialized freight carrier.
  • Any items that are prohibited by customs or other officials.


Travelling with a TER regional train? There’s no size limit on the bags you take aboard, provided you can handle them yourself and they fit in the designated luggage areas on your train. Please ensure that your belongings do not create a safety hazard for other passengers or your SNCF crew, either in the station or aboard your train. 

Your bike travels for free with TER. Simply hang it up or place it in the designated area. Spaces in these areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be booked.

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What’s included with your ticket

Travelling with OUIGO? The price of your ticket includes one of two luggage options: 

  • two pieces of hand luggage up to 36 cm high x 27 cm wide x 15 cm deep
  • one piece of hand luggage (up to 36 cm high x 27 cm wide x 15 cm deep) and one carryon bag (up to 55 cm high x 35 cm wide x 25 cm deep)

These items must be stowed beneath your seat.

Pushchairs are also included in the price of your ticket, up to a limit of two pushchairs per booking and per journey.

We cannot accept any item exceeding 1.3 metres long³ or 30 kilos.

When to choose the Luggage option

Want to board with extra luggage or an unusually large item such as a bike, a scooter, skis or a musical instrument? Choose the Luggage (Bagage) option, and you can bring it along for just €5 per journey—provided it doesn’t weigh more than 30 kg or measure more than 1.3 metres long3.

You can choose the Luggage option when you book your ticket, or up to one hour before your OUIGO train departs.

e-Tiquette lessons

Use our e-Tiquette system to tag your luggage—before you leave. It’s easy: just go on line to create and print labels with a QR code that contains your personal information. 

If you leave something behind in a station or train, our employees can use your tag to identify your belongings and contact you—fast.

Learn more about our e-Tiquette service (in French)


Your Thalys ticket includes one piece of hand luggage and up to two bags that do not exceed 75 cm long x 53 cm wide x 70 cm high.

There’s no limit on weight aboard your Thalys train, but you must be able to carry your own luggage and stow it in these dedicated areas:

  • overhead luggage racks
  • storage areas for large bags at the ends of each coach
  • floor space between some back-to-back seats

You can also bring pushchairs on board free of charge: please fold and stow them in one of the luggage racks in your coach.

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  • Your bike must travel in a bike bag no larger than 135 x 85 x 30 cm.

  • 2

    carryon bags per passenger (size limit 75 x 53 x 30 cm).

  • Skis must travel in a carrying case (maximum length 3 m, maximum weight 32 kg)

  • There’s no weight limit on bags, but they must fit in the dedicated storage areas.


Travelling across the Channel? The price of your ticket includes two medium-sized pieces of luggage (up to 85 cm on the longest side) and one small piece of hand luggage. In Business Premier class, you can have up to three pieces of luggage at no extra charge

Baby carriages and pushchairs are also welcome aboard. And you can bring your bike or musical instrument: it counts as one of your two pieces of medium-sized luggage as long as it travels in a carrying case that doesn’t exceed 85 cm in length. If your item is longer, you’ll need to use EuroDespatch, Eurostar’s registered luggage service. Choose this option when you buy your ticket.

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TGV INOUI France-Spain

You can carry two luggage no bigger than 85 x 55 x 35 cm each. Their weight should not exceed 25 kg.

You may also carry extra luggage such as : 

  • Skis, baby seat and and golf bag,
  • Surfboard stowed in a bag no larger than 130cm x 90cm 
  • Wheelchair
  • Disassembled bike stowed in a bag no larger than 130cm x 90cm 

Don't forget that each item must be tagged.

1 Daytime INTERCITÉS trains requiring booking

2 If you block an aisle, you may be fined €150. Inappropriate use of a seat or luggage area is subject to a €50 fine.

3 You can still travel with your skis. They must be stored in their own bag and shouldn't be longer than 2 metres.