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How to save on rail travel

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, we can help you find great deals on train tickets.

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Covid-19: Travel with confidence

As required by the French authorities, we’re taking special measures to keep you safe in our stations and aboard our trains.

And to make your travel easier, we’re offering free ticket exchanges and refunds through 9 May for journeys with TGV INOUI, OUIGO, Intercités and international TGVs (except TGV Lyria). You can request your exchange or refund up to 3 days before your departure.

Important: many European countries have imposed travel restrictions in response to Covid‑19. Please check the latest updates before your journey. 

For more information, visit our dedicated page.

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Book early

Thinking ahead is still a simple, efficient way to save on rail travel. Plan your journeys well in advance, and check regularly for new tickets to get the best fares. Tickets generally go on sale 4 months ahead of the travel date, though that may vary depending on the carrier and the time of year.

Learn more about when to book your tickets

Get the best price with our fare finder

When you book on line with, use our fare finder to compare a full month of ticket prices and find the best bargains. It’s an easy way to get cheaper tickets if your travel dates are flexible.e.

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Don’t miss out on our last-minute offers

Do you know about our last-minute offers on the website? With these great deals, you can travel on the spur of the moment and still get cheap tickets for Intercités, TGV INOUI and TER trains.

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Check out our Prem’s tickets

With Prem’s you can book your travel up to three months in advance and get great deals—and now Prem’s tickets are exchangeable and refundable! Fares start from just €25 aboard TGVs and €15 aboard Intercités. And if you have an Avantage card, you’ll save an additional 30% on Prem’s tickets.

Sign up for one of our Avantage discount cards

If you travel occasionally, choose one of our discount cards to simplify your journeys and get great deals all year round. We’ve got four new options—Avantage Famille, Avantage Jeune, Avantage Senior and Avantage Week-end—so you can choose the card that’s right for you.  

Learn more about the Avantage Famille card

Learn more about the Avantage Jeune card (for ages 12-27)

Learn more about the Avantage Senior card

Learn more about the Avantage Week-end card

Climb aboard a OUIGO train

Choose our low-cost, high-speed OUIGO offer for budget-friendly rail tickets to 41 destinations across France—but remember that OUIGO tickets are sold exclusively on line.

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Save with Intercités Happy Hour

Travelling at the last minute with Intercités? Save 50% or more on 2nd-class tickets when you choose one of our Happy Hour destinations and book on line.2

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Travel with Intercités 100% Éco

Our Intercités 100% Éco offer is available on three main lines linking Paris to Toulouse, Lyon and Nantes, and tickets start at just €152. These super-low fares are offered only on the Internet. No exchanges or refunds.

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Buy your Intercités 100% Éco tickets

Don’t forget our special TER offers

Each region of France offers its own special pricing on TER travel—not just during holidays, but all year round.

Discover TER offers by region

Try Izy, our low-cost service to Brussels

Traveling from Paris to Brussels? You’ll get bargain fares with Izy, a low-cost option from the Thalys brand. Travel time to the Belgian capital is 2h30, and fares start at €19.

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Enjoy our special Eurostar offers

Want to spend a weekend—or even your holidays—in London? Cross the English Channel and save with our special Eurostar fares.

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Save on group travel with Pack Tribu

Planning a journey with friends or family? With our Pack Tribu offer, you’ll save 25% on purchases of four or more TGV INOUI and Intercités tickets4. It’s an easy way to trim your travel budget.

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2 Minimum savings per person per journey, based on the full 2nd-class Loisir fare for daytime Intercités trains requiring reservations, and on the regular 2nd-class fare for daytime Intercités trains not requiring reservations. Offer valid for select dates, trains and destinations in France, subject to seat availability. Offer does not become available until 1-5 days before your train departs at earliest, and is limited to 2nd-class travel aboard select trains to select destinations in France, on select days. Subject to availability of seats at this fare. Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. You must pay on line, but you may choose to print your ticket yourself, have it sent to your address at no charge, or collect it from a self-service machine, in a French station, or at an SNCF Rail Europe sales office (€10 fee per booking reference). This offer may not be combined with any other special deal or SNCF fare discount (except for SNCF discount cards and our Pack Tribu offer).

3 Intercités 100% Éco: Starting fare per person, including tax, for a one-way journey in 2nd class on an Intercités train. Tickets sold for select destinations up to the day before departure, subject to availability of seats at this fare. No exchanges or refunds. You must pay on line, but you may print your e-ticket yourself or store the barcode on your Assistant SNCF or app. This offer may not be combined with any other special deal or SNCF fare discount (except for SNCF discount cards and Pack Tribu).

4 With our Pack Tribu offer, you’ll save 25% on the total amount for tickets purchased for a group of 4-7 people. To qualify, you must book 4-7 identical tickets in 1st or 2nd class for trains requiring booking (TGV INOUI and Intercités) or for trains not requiring booking. Offer subject to availability of tickets at these fares. The Pack Tribu fare is available with e-tickets only. Anyone can qualify for our Pack Tribu fare, provided you book simultaneously for 4-7 people. The price for children ages 4-11 is unchanged, at 50% of the 1st- or 2nd-class fare, and it does not apply to the Pack Tribu fare. Children travelling on a child’s fare are not included in the Pack Tribu group. Pack Tribu tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded, except under our “reschedule or refund” guarantee (Garantie Report et Remboursement). Terms & conditions for this guarantee can be found in our Passenger Fares (Tarif Voyageurs) agreement.