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The Léman Express becomes the first cross-border regional rail service linking France and Switzerland

Launched in December 2019, the Léman Express links Switzerland’s Geneva and Vaud cantons to France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Learn more about this ambitious project.

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Bringing better mobility to the Geneva region

The Léman Express—Europe’s largest cross-border regional rail network—began regular operations on 16 December 2019, taking travel in the Geneva area to a new level of comfort and convenience.

By linking France and Switzerland, the new service will improve quality of life for nearly one million people living on either side of the border. Better mobility makes it easier for everyone to commute to work, explore the region and connect to the Swiss Federal Railways system and France’s high-speed rail network. 

Learn more about the Léman Express network (PDF, French, 2.24 MB)

Ticketing for the Léman Express network

To make the Léman Express system easier to use, the Swiss canton of Geneva and the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have developed the Léman Pass—a new fare offer designed exclusively for cross-border travellers and accepted by ten French and Swiss carriers. 

Whether you choose a single ticket, a card or a pass, you’ll have access to both the 230-km Léman Express system and the light rail, bus and coach lines around it—and even Geneva’s yellow shuttle boats, called Mouettes2.

Tickets are available from a variety of channels, depending on your point of departure and destination.

Buy the Léman Pass cross-border offer:

If your Léman Express journey is exclusively on the French side of the border, get regional fare information and buy your tickets:

If your Léman Express journey is exclusively on the Swiss side of the border, visit the Swiss Federal Railways website for fare information and tickets.

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1 SNCF’s purpose is to bring the freedom of effortless mobility and a greener planet to all.

2 Four Mouette shuttle boat lines serve Geneva’s Lac Léman.