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Morocco’s first high-speed line scores a triumph

Africa’s first high-speed line is going strong, with over 3 million passengers carried since operations began in the fall of 2018. And for SNCF’s partnership with Moroccan National Railways (ONCF), this is just the beginning.

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Rail revolution

Africa welcomed its first high-speed rail service in November 2018, when Morocco inaugurated Al Boraq, a new line linking Casablanca to Tangier in 2h10, down from 4h45. After more than a year in operation, it continues to excel.

Figures from ONCF Director General Mohamed Rabie Khlie show that Al Boraq has carried over 3 million passengers since its launch, with on-time arrivals topping 97% and passenger satisfaction at 92%.

  • 3

    million passengers carried

  • 97 %

    on-time arrivals

Unprecedented cooperation

Al Boraq is the product of a unique partnership signed in 2007 between the Republic of France and the Kingdom of Morocco.

Under the agreement, SNCF contributed the expertise required to design, build, operate and maintain the high-speed line, while ONCF provided critical local knowledge.

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New projects on the horizon

Buoyed by the success of Al Boraq, Morocco has several new rail projects in the pipeline. SNCF plans to play a role in:

  • extending high-speed service from Kenitra to Rabat
  • building a high-speed line from Marrakech to Agadir
  • launching a commuter rail system for Casablanca
  • building and renovating maintenance facilities