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Links and addresses for dispute resolution

All the contacts, links and addresses you need to settle your dispute.

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Dispute a fine

More useful information

List of accredited French consumer associations
Learn more (PDF, French, 150 KB)

List of accredited French consumer associations that have signed the mediation protocol of 28 April 2017
Learn more (PDF, French, 199 KB)

Club of Public Service Mediators
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European Consumer Centre France
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European Online Dispute Resolution Platform
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Filing a claim

Want to file a claim about a dispute?

  • Contact SNCF customer relations

    SNCF Customer Relations
    62 973 ARRAS Cedex 9
  • Contact Eurostar customer relations

    By postal mail:
    Eurostar Traveller Care
    Kent House, 81 Station Road
    Ashford, Kent TN 23 IAP

    Or send an e-mail:
    In English
    In French
  • Contact Thalys customer relations

    Thalys Customer Service
    B.P. 14 - B - 1050 Bruxelles 5