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Keolis continues its winning streak in the United States

SNCF has strengthened its position in the US market, with renewal of contracts to operate and maintain rail networks serving Boston and Washington.

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In just ten days, Keolis scored two more successes in the US market, as transport organizing authorities in Washington and Boston renewed their contracts.

Keolis leads the world in operating driverless metros and light rail systems, and has been doing business in the United States since 2002. The new votes of confidence came in early June, with five years added to its contract in the US capital and four in the historic New England city—two of the largest metropolitan areas on the East Coast.

6000 people work for Keolis in North America

Improving the passenger experience in Boston

In Boston, where Keolis has been operating the commuter rail network since 2014, the company achieved its goals by rolling out a sweeping program of upgrades and a major reorganization.

Under the renewed contract, the Massachusetts Bay Transport Authority (MBTA) has tasked Keolis with enhancing the passenger experience by:

  • improving on-time performance.
  • recruiting drivers and other employees
  • increasing the number of seats
  • fighting fraud
  • upgrading infrastructure

36 million passengers carried by Keolis in Boston in 2019

Safer commuting in the US capital

This renewal marks the second time authorities have extended Keolis’s 2010 contract to operate the Virginia Railway Express, serving central and northern Virginia and the suburbs of Washington, DC. During its tenure, the company has developed safety training programs tailored to the needs of each employee, steadily reducing the number of accidents and days of missed work over the past four years.

Between now and 2025, Keolis will work towards three main goals:

  • increase the network’s ridership
  • step up safety measures
  • maintain rolling stock

20,000 passengers a day in Washington, DC and its suburbs

A force for mobility around the world

A global pioneer in the development of large-scale public transport systems, Keolis operates mass transit networks for some 300 organizing authorities, carrying over 3.4 billion passengers a year in 15 countries on five continents, including the US, Denmark, China, Qatar and Australia.

Thanks to its expertise in shared mobility, Keolis now does business in 21 of the world’s largest metropolitan areas.

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