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Our long history of rail expertise and specialization—combined with our deep understanding of regional, national and international passenger needs—makes SNCF Voyageurs the provider of choice for green mobility solutions. In France and across Europe, we’re the best source for passenger transport, information, sales, maintenance and more.

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The legacy passenger rail operator in France

Commuter transport

Every day, our trains carry 5 million commuters with a wide range of needs—getting to work, school or university, travelling in their region, or simply going about their daily lives.

Our TER business unit operates contract rail service in 11 regions in France, acting on behalf of their transport organizing authorities.

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Our Transilien business unit operates 15 regional and RER rail lines for Île-de-France Mobilités, the transport organizing authority for the Paris region.

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Medium- and long-distance trains in France

Our classic and high-speed trains operate throughout France every day, providing transport services tailored to the needs of our passengers, whether they’re travelling for work, for personal reasons or for fun.

INTERCITÉS trains serve 150 destinations on 9 daytime and 3 overnight lines, operating under public service contracts with the French State. In 2019, passengers made nearly 18 million journeys with INTERCITÉS.

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TGV INOUI brings people closer together, delivering high-speed travel to over 200 destinations in France. Since its launch in 1981, our TGV service has carried 3 billion passengers.

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Our OUIGO service has offered low-cost, high-speed rail travel in France since 2013, and in Spain since May 2021. It already accounts for 25% of TGV journeys in France every year, and in 2022 will begin offering low-cost classic rail travel on our Paris-Lyon and Paris-Nantes lines.

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The partner of choice for European rail companies

At SNCF Voyageurs, we have a long history of partnering with other national companies, offering our passengers a wide range of European destinations outside France.

Thanks to our tie-ups with SNCB in Belgium, DB in Germany, Trenitalia in Italy, Renfe in Spain and CFL in Luxembourg, our TGV INOUI trains provide direct service from France to 30 destinations in other European countries.

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SNCF Voyageurs is also the principal shareholder of Eurostar (high-speed rail service between Europe and the UK), Thalys (high-speed trains between France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany), and TGV Lyria, which links France to Switzerland.

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Making travel affordable for all

High-speed, low-cost travel with OUIGO

Our OUIGO offer is 100% digital, offering low-cost, high-speed rail travel to over 40 destinations in France.
And it’s growing fast. On 10 May 2021, OUIGO España became SNCF Group’s first high-speed rail company outside our home country. In 2022, OUIGO will launch low-cost classic rail service from region to region within France.

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High-capacity rolling stock

For 30 years, we’ve run double-decker trains on SNCF’s regional and high-speed lines, and in the Paris area. These high-capacity units offer more seating on popular lines at peak travel times. Our industrial operations unit works hard to meet the needs of our passengers—today and tomorrow—with innovative train maintenance strategies. It also helps design our rolling stock, partnering with manufacturers and transport organizing authorities as needed.

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Meeting the needs of every passenger

At SNCF Voyageurs, we offer fares, services and solutions that make travel easier for everyone—people with limited mobility, groups, families, children travelling solo, and more.

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Making mobility easy

At SNCF Voyageurs, we listen to our customers, drawing on our long history of operational and commercial innovation to offer easy access to our services and promote mobility for all.

SNCF Connect—France’s leading e-commerce site

In 2000, when French e-commerce was in its infancy, our website kicked off a revolution, enabling customers to buy tickets online and print them at home.

Rebranded as SNCF Connect, it now has 17 million users and handles 64 million transactions a year. Thanks to the SNCF Connect site and mobile app, users can plan their travel from anywhere—and everyone has a ticket service right in their pocket.

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End-to-end mobility

We partner with automobile rental companies, hotels and car-with-driver services to offer customers the full range of transport services, from their own front door all the way to their destination. These combined services are also distributed through SNCF Connect.

Ticketing and passenger information solutions

As a contract provider of regional transport services, SNCF Voyageurs also provides tailored information and distribution systems for each of our client regions. 

Promoting green mobility

Rail is by far the greenest form of transport—from daily commutes to journeys in our high-speed TGVs. Commuting by rail generates only about 1/30 of the pollution from the same journey by car. The comparison is even more striking for our TGVs, which emit only 1/50 of the pollution from the same journey by car, and 1/80 of the emissions by plane. Want to calculate the carbon footprint for your next journey? Check out our mobility calculator at SNCF Connect.

Every day, our TER regional trains keep 1 million cars off the road, and Transilien eliminates another 3.4 million in the Paris region.

At SNCF Voyageurs, we’re working hard to meet environmental expectations. By improving our services and making them more affordable, we’re encouraging travellers to choose rail over cars and planes. Bringing back overnight trains—some under contract with the French State—is just one example.

And we’re already taking action to shrink our carbon footprint even more. Current projects include: 

  • replacing diesel with rapeseed-based biofuel in TER regional trains, a move that should cut greenhouse gas emissions by 60%
  • developing hybrid TERs to run on non-electrified regional lines. These new designs feature high-capacity batteries to save energy and generate less noise
  • moving toward battery-powered TERs, set for launch in 2023, and hydrogen TERs, which will begin operating in 4 pioneering regions in 2025. In time, these eco-friendly trains will replace diesel-powered models on non-electrified lines
  • developing the TGV M—a next-generation train that is 97% recyclable, has improved aerodynamics, and can tailor on-board power use to occupancy. Compared to today’s models, the TGV M should run on 20% less energy and leave a carbon footprint that’s 37% smaller.

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