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The passenger transport market is changing. Deregulation and competitive tenders for commuter transport. Disrupted lifestyles. Evolving passenger expectations. At SNCF Voyageurs, we’re meeting these new needs today—and looking ahead to tomorrow.

A leader in long-distance travel, today and tomorrow

New rules for competition

In 2021, the passenger rail market opened up to competition. The most significant change is open-access long-distance lines, and we expect to see new rail operators—foreign and domestic, privately held or publicly owned—in France.

Though some projects have been delayed in response to Covid-19 and its impact on travel, these new entrants will target:

  • high-speed lines
  • short- and medium-distance TET (Trains d’Équilibre des Territoires1) lines for which the French State may issue calls for tender.

Our strengths and opportunities

At SNCF Voyageurs, we offer customers a comprehensive range of green mobility services along the entire travel chain.

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As we face these new competitors, we’re combining our know-how and expertise as France’s legacy operator with our innovative capacity to create new services and new models. We’ve done this successfully at every stage of our growth in the past, and we continue to break new ground with OUIGO and overnight INTERCITÉS trains.

We’re already working hard to improve our services, our operational performance and our competitiveness, and market liberalization has only accelerated these efforts. All of us at SNCF Voyageurs—in every area and at every level of the company—are pulling together to meet these goals.

And we’re continuing to grow on the European market as:

  • a rail operator targeting new markets in Europe, based on our experience with Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria and more
  • as an industrial player, especially for rolling stock
  • as a distributor, harnessing the know-how of, our e-commerce unit

Commuter rail—high performance for regional communities

The EU’s contract transport markets opened to competition in 2019. As the legacy operator of regional lines throughout mainland France, we’re positioning ourselves to win new public service contracts as transport organizing authorities put them out to bid. It’s an opportunity to leverage our expertise and maintain our continuing commitment to delivering better service to our passengers.

Competition for regional rail contracts

Each of France’s regions serves as its own transport organizing authority, and under the new rules they can now issue a call for tenders. This applies to Transilien commuter service in the Paris region as well as TER trains in the other 11 regions around the country.

In 2021, some 10 tenders are already underway in 5 regions, and competitive tendering will become mandatory starting from 2023.

Learn more about current calls for tender

Comprehensive regional offer

SNCF Voyageurs offers a comprehensive suite of services to regional organizing authorities. Thanks to our skills, market expertise and complementary operations, we can provide a fully integrated offer that meets the needs of organizing authorities and the passengers in their regions. This ranges from sales—including services and customized fares—to passenger information, ticketing, transport and maintenance.

Setting our sights on new markets

Rail maintenance 

As new players begin to operate on French lines, we’re required to give them fair, non-discriminatory access to our highly specialized maintenance centres. Our industrial division offers a comprehensive catalogue of services for rail companies seeking to carry passengers in France.

And our Masteris subsidiary provides rail maintenance and cutting-edge engineering, offering a full range of rolling stock services over the entire product life cycle. Since 2009, Masteris has won 180 customers around the world.

Learn more about Masteris

Digital expertise

E-Voyageurs is our digital subsidiary, home to all of SNCF Group’s digital customer service skills. With its 3 digital assets—, Rail Europe and the Assistant SNCF app—and the cutting-edge technology of its “digital factory”, it’s well positioned to develop new distribution and passenger information services.

Meanwhile, the company is leveraging its e-Voyageurs Technologies offer to become a pacesetter in mobility solutions.

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Creating the markets of tomorrow

New attitudes toward travel and mobility have been emerging for years, but the Covid-19 crisis has accelerated some of these trends and created new behaviours.

Major developments include:

  • heightened environmental awareness
  • a fundamental trend towards increased demand for mobility, linked to new lifestyles and the massive shift to telework
  • digitalization of mobility. This includes maintenance, driving and other operations, as well as responses to new passenger preferences, such as development of new mobilities on digital platforms and widespread use of social media
  • the vital need for travel to be within reach of all

At SNCF Voyageurs, we continue to offer meaningful responses to these new needs, and we’re working to meet changing lifestyles. In the process, we’re relying more heavily than ever on our core business— green mobility.

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1 TET trains (Trains d’Équilibre du Territoire) deliver fast, mainline service between leading French cities that are not connected by high-speed lines. They also serve as direct region-to-region links that support local economies. These medium- and long-distance trains serve the national interest, and the French State is their transport organizing authority.