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As the heir to France’s historic national rail network, we’re stepping up our presence in every part of the French mainland. This includes our activities as a regional public transport operator and partner to organizing authorities, as well as our drive to deliver the most comprehensive, most affordable services nationwide.

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A public service offer in every region

Today SNCF Voyageurs operates Transilien commuter trains in the Paris area on behalf of Île-de-France Mobilités, and TER trains under public service contracts in the other 11 regions in mainland France.

Through these two business lines, we’re building our expertise in both rural rail mobility and mass transit for Paris and other urban and peri-urban regions.

TER regional rail service

TER is one of 5 business units within SNCF Voyageurs, and its mission is to create connections within and between regions. TER designs and operates public transport services on behalf of 11 French regions, which now serve as transport organizing authorities.

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Transilien commuter service for Paris

Our Transilien unit is a leader in mobility for densely populated areas—from regional trains to light rail to commuter rail. It operates a 15-line network serving 12 million people in the Paris region. Transilien’s expertise in dense urban areas makes it a showcase for SNCF Voyageurs’s proven ability to manage train and passenger traffic.

Multimodal mobility—the key to success

SNCF Voyageurs operates a range of transport modes in every region we serve, combining trains, RER commuter service, light rail and coaches as needed. And we enhance this regional network by complementing the urban mobility services provided by Keolis, an SNCF Group subsidiary with operations in many large metropolitan areas.

Open-access markets—serving every corner of France

With over 200 destinations, our TGV and OUIGO high-speed trains are familiar sights in France, crisscrossing the landscape from north to south and east to west.

Meanwhile, our daytime and overnight INTERCITÉS trains are expanding nationwide, offering medium- and long-distance journeys that everyone can afford.

We operate some lines under contract with the French State as organizing authority. These TETs, or Trains d'Équilibre du Territoire1, promote development in targeted regions.

Thanks to the complementary nature of our offers—TGV, INTERCITÉS, TER, and Transilien—SNCF Voyageurs customers can reach every city in France by train. And we help them access urban transit systems, taxis, cars with drivers and other transport modes through the Assistant SNCF app and other services. With us, everyone can reach their destination.

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Expert rolling stock maintenance across France

Expert rolling stock maintenance across France