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Aktuelle Finanzinformation von SNCF Mobilités

Kontakt : Axel Bavière


A strong performance at the outset of 2018 that continued trends observed in 2017 was undermined by the rail strike that began in March. Against this backdrop, SNCF Group demonstrated its capacity to serve customers and generate productivity gains that offset part of the strike’s negative impact on its financial results.

  • Strong performance in early 2018 (TGV traffic +9.6% at the end of March).
  • Revenue of €16.1bn (-3.3%), which, without 37 strike days would have risen by around 4%.
  • The strike cut EBITDA by €790 million (over €21m per strike day), including €160 million in commercial measures taken by SNCF as compensation to its clients.
  • Investments totalled €4bn for the six months. Planned upgrades to the rail network were made on schedule for the most part, despite the strike. 
  • €330 million in productivity gains helped limit the strike’s negative impact on results.
  • Net profit was -€762 million.