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Aktuelle Finanzinformation von SNCF Mobilités

Kontakt : Axel Bavière


  • Strong performance across the Group continued in the first half of 2017, building on the recovery noted at year-end 2016. 
  • Considerable investment in passenger services (€3.9 billion), with an unrelenting focus on rail network upgrades and regeneration, and roll-out of new trainsets. 
  • 15% fall in Notable Safety Events[2] for rail operations in France.
  • Revenue up 3.7% at €16.6 billion (+3.6% at constant scope of consolidation and exchange rates).
  • Productivity gains of over €400 million in the first half of 2017. 
  • EBITDA of €1.9 billion, up by over €260 million (+16.0%), and net profit of €119 million. 
  • Enhanced provision of mobility and logistics solutions, with two new high-speed rail lines opened and ongoing effort to improve performance:
    - network safety and upgrades
    - quality of passenger, freight and logistics services
    - accelerated deployment of new digital technology and door-to-door services
    - growth in international markets.