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SNCF Logistics

SNCF Logistics is No. 1 for logistics and transport in France, and No. 4 in Europe. We offer innovative solutions that keep your supply chain performing at its best—financially, operationally and environmentally. And with 43,000 employees in 120 countries, we can handle your shipping needs around the globe. Backed by the diversity of our four specialists—Geodis, STVA, TFMM and Ermewa—SNCF Logistics delivers custom multimodal solutions that combine business performance with environmental protection and safety.

Rail & multimodal freight transport

TFMM can meet all of your freight transport needs, with expertise in freight forwarding, rail transport and combined transport. Our specialists—Fret SNCF, VIIA, Naviland Cargo, and Forwardis—work with you to design customized, multimodal freight transport solutions throughout Europe.

4 areas of rail expertise—at your service

Fret SNCF—the European rail operator

A major European player and the No. 1 rail freight provider in France, Fret SNCF designs innovative, flexible transport plans specifically for your industry.

Fret SNCF offers:

  • coverage throughout Europe—right down to the last kilometre
  • experts who know your industry
  • sales representatives in your area
  • a comprehensive logistics offer that complements our rail services with trucking, unloading, and road-rail container transport

Learn more about Fret SNCF

Visit the Fret SNCF website

VIIA—the rail motorway specialist

VIIA transports your trucks along two major European rail arteries, from Perpignan, France to Luxembourg, and from Chambéry, France to Turin, Italy. Choose from 4 return journeys per day for a transport solution that’s competitive and eco-friendly.

Learn more about VIIA

Visit the VIIA website

Naviland Cargo—Europe’s top maritime intermodal specialist

Naviland Cargo is Europe’s leading maritime intermodal specialist, transporting your containers from major ports to industria and businessl hubs by road and rail. Choose our solutions for the shortest transport times and the lowest CO2 emissions.

Learn more about Naviland Cargo

Visit the Naviland Cargo website

Forwardis—the power of 5 rail-centric freight forwarders

On 1 January 2016, five rail-centric freight forwarders—Ecorail, Ermechem, Ermefret, Captrain Solutions and Captrain UK—joined forces to create Forwardis. We design custom solutions for transport and logistics operators in three main markets: liquid bulk and hazardous materials (including chemicals, gas and petroleum products), solid bulk (agricultural and construction products, waste and more) and industrial and manufactured goods.

Forwardis offers both 100% rail and expanded multimodal services, and we can cover the entire logistics chain: inland waterways, roads, freight handling, containers, regulatory and customs paperwork and more.

A closer look: SNCF Logistics

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