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Captrain is the international European rail transport brand for SNCF Logistics. Every day we serve customers like you, using our own resources and a network of solid partnerships.

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Captrain’s mission

The Captrain companies offer high-performance rail transport services and custom-tailored logistics solutions. Thanks to our presence in leading European ports and hubs, we can deliver your goods all the way to their final destination—within regions, within countries and across borders.

Our powerful locomotives and modern wagons can carry any type of cargo. We offer:

  • shunting locomotives and specialized drivers
  • wagon movement, train formation and safety operations
  • private sidings and terminals

ADVANTAGE No. 1. Delivery solutions throughout Europe
The right transport solution for any type of cargo.
Access to high-performance logistics services in leading European ports and hubs

Our European network

Captrain Deutschland

Founded in 2010, Captrain Deutschland operates in Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden.

  • What we do: provide customized rail transport and logistics solutions
  • What we carry: coils of steel and other metals, coal, chemicals, mineral oil, rock and sand, containers and more

Get in touch with Captrain Deutschland today. Call us on +49 (0) 30 39 60 11 90 or send us an e-mail at

Learn more about Captrain Deutschland

Captrain Italia

In 2016 Captrain Italia was Italy’s second-largest rail freight company, handling shipments to and from Austria, France, Switzerland and Slovenia.

  • What we do: standard and oversized cargo, combined transport (container transport service, swap bodies and semi-trailers, with or without drivers), logistics platforms, and maintenance services for locomotives and wagons
  • What we carry: cereals, wood, iron and steel, automobiles, chemicals, petroleum products, and combined transport

Get in touch with Captrain Italia today. Call us on +39 02 53 85 35 or send us an e-mail at

Learn more about Captrain Italia

Captrain Belgium

Founded in 2000, Captrain Belgium operates throughout Belgium.

  • What we do: combined and conventional transport and/or last-mile service, plus national and international rail transport
  • What we carry: agriculture and quarry products, chemicals, automotive products, coal and steel, and combined transport

Get in touch with Captrain Belgium today. Call us on +32 320 238 74 or send us an e-mail at

Learn more about Captrain Belgium

Captrain Romania

Captrain Romania has offered freight forwarding services in Romania since July 2009.

  • What we do: support business development, act as a transport operator and coordinate routing for end-to-end deliveries

Get in touch with Captrain Romania today. Call us on +40 213 205 181or e-mail us at

Learn more about Captrain Romania