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Pro Express

Business travel can make you a slave to your calendar—and last-minute changes can wreak havoc with your travel plans. With our Pro Express hotline*, you can make all your rail travel arrangements in one call. It’s fast, efficient and hassle-free.

A hotline
for business travellers

An unexpected trip. A meeting that runs over. A last-minute commitment. Stay in control of your schedule with our Pro Express hotline*. Use this convenient, easy-access telephone service to handle all the arrangements for your rail travel, within a single region or throughout France. When you need to buy, exchange or cancel train tickets, call the hotline—and keep your cool.

Open from 07.00 to 22.00, the hotline is available to any traveller with a Pro or Fréquence ticket in either 1st or 2nd class. Call us for fast, efficient service.

It’s easy. From inside France, simply call 36 35* and say “Pro”, or dial 36 35* and press #01 once you’re connected.

* €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.