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SNCF Mobilités
& Mediation:
Key links & addresses

All the addresses you need to settle your dispute.

Your Dispute

  • If you haven’t paid your fine or want to contest it:
    (All addresses are for SNCF Mobilités fines: the correct address appears on the back of your fine)
    SNCF – CDR – Secteur Béziers
    TSA 30 034
    33044 Bordeaux Cedex

    SNCF – CDR – Secteur PSE
    TSA 10 032
    33044 Bordeaux Cedex

    SNCF – CDR – Secteur BD
    TSA 90 031
    33044 Bordeaux Cedex
  • If you have a dispute and want to submit a complaint:
    - Contact SNCF customer relations:
    Service Relation Clients SNCF
    62 973 Arras Cedex 9

    -Contact Eurostar customer relations:
    Eurostar Traveller Care
    Kent House, 81 Station Road
    Ashford, Kent TN 23 IAP
    United Kingdom

    Or send an e-mail:
    in English to
    in French to

    Contact Thalys customer relations:
    Thalys Customer Service
    B.P. 14 - B - 1050 Brussels 5