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Your SNCF Ombudsman,
Bernard Cieutat

Still not satisfied with our sales team’s response to your complaint? Get an independent opinion from SNCF’s Ombudsman.

File a mediation request

Simple—and free

Our mediation process gives you recourse when you aren't satisfied with our response to your complaint.

A judge by training, SNCF ombudsman Bernard Cieutat is both independent and impartial. He and his team respond to several thousand requests a year, “constantly striving to listen and reach a fair decision.”

SNCF Mediation gives passengers a second opinion. There’s no charge, and it’s a simple way to settle disputes between SNCF and its customers,” he explains.

Filing a request
for mediation

Perhaps your trip failed to live up to your expectations, or you feel you’ve been fined unfairly. You can file a request with our Ombudsman from his website or by post. There’s only one requirement: you must first have received an official notice from the SNCF department responsible for handling your complaint.

Be sure to include copies of all documents showing the steps you’ve taken so far.

SNCF Ombudsman
45 rue de Londres
75008 Paris

You’ll receive a reply within two months (four months for very complex cases).

All requests are treated as confidential.