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Jeune 12-17

Calling all travellers ages 12-17. Travel anytime and save up to 30%* with our Jeune 12-17 railcard.

*Conditions apply

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How soon will your card pay for itself?

Jeune 12-17 railcard: Meet Anne and her children

Anne lives in Paris with her children. With the Jeune railcard, her 15-year-old son can visit his cousins during the holidays and pay only €32 for his Paris-Avignon tickets—and if they book ahead, they can find Prem’s fares for Jeune cardholders priced at just €22. Bottom line: the Jeune card pays for itself in a single return journey.

Guaranteed discounts
on every journey

Looking for good deals on travel year round? With a Jeune 12-17 railcard, you can get discounted fares on TGV, TER and Intercités trains. The annual fee is just €50(1), and you’re eligible for the card from age 12 until the day before your 18th birthday(2). Benefits include:

  • a 30% discount—guaranteed—on all TGV and Intercités trains requiring reservations, as compared with the Loisir fare for a passenger traveling without a card. And you can book any time, right up to the last available seat
  • 10% additional savings—guaranteed—on Prem’s tickets
  • 25% off travel aboard TER and Intercités trains not requiring reservations when your journey begins during a peak travel period (shown in white on our Fare Calendar), and 50% off when your journey begins in an off-peak travel period (shown in blue on our Fare Calendar)
  • exclusive last-minute Dernière Minute offers for you and the traveling companion of your choice, regardless of age

Parents: you are responsible for ensuring that your minor children have the capacity to travel safely to their chosen destination.

(1) Price valid at 2/01/2014, excluding special offers
(2) Conditions

Save 25% on fares
to European destinations

Ready to see Europe? Your Jeune 12-17 card now offers 25% savings (1) on France-Spain, France-Italy, France-Germany and France-Luxembourg lines, as well as travel aboard Lyria and between Paris and Freiburg im Breisgau.

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(1) Conditions apply

How your card pays for itself

Sample fares for a Jeune 12-27 railcard holder travelling aloneAdvance booking
2nd class
Dernière Minute/Last minute
2nd class
on average, one way (5)
Loisir fare (1)
starting from
Fare with card (2)
starting from
Paris - Marseille (TGV)47 €32 €116 €81 €25 €1
Paris - Bordeaux (TGV)39 €27 €96 €67 €20,50 €2
Paris - Biarritz (TGV)40 €28 €112 €78 €23 €2
Paris Austerlitz - Toulouse (Intercités)39 €27 €86 €60 €19 €2
Clermont-Ferrand - Paris Bercy (Intercités)27,50 €19 €61 €42 €13,80 €2

All prices shown are valid at 01/05/2016 and are included solely for purposes of illustration.

(1) Promotional price for Loisir Réduit fare, available when tickets are booked well in advance. Does not apply to non-exchangeable, non-refundable fares.
(2) Reduced fare with card, available when tickets are booked well in advance. Does not apply to non-exchangeable, non-refundable fares.
(3) Full Loisir fare
(4) Full fare with card 
(5) Savings calculated based on the average of: 1) the difference between the full Loisir fare and the full fare with railcard and 2) the difference between the promotional Loisir fare and the promotional fare with railcard, in second class.

Calculate how soon your Jeune 12-17 railcard will pay for itself

Sport & leisure offers

UCPA discounts

Save 5% year-round on UCPA Teens courses for ages 11-13 and UCPA Juniors courses for ages 13-17, in continental France and other countries, when you use the promotional code P187. To take advantage of this exclusive benefit:

  • from inside France, call 3260 and say “UCPA” (You pay €0.15€/min from a landline, plus any fees charged by your service provider.)
  • call +33 8 25 88 08 00 (€0.15/min from a landline, plus any fees charged by your service provider)
  • log onto the UCPA website

See terms & conditions

Save on BAFA certificate courses for camp counsellors

If you’re 17 or older and are interested in getting a BAFA (Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions d’Animateur) certificate, use your Jeune railcard to go through UCPA and get a 5% discount on your training. For more information, visit the UCPA Training website (in French)

Discounts on magazine subscriptions

If you’re under 18, you can save an additional €10 on all OFUP subscriptions (except titles with a red dot) when you buy a new Jeune 12-17 railcard. To take advantage of this benefit, contact OFUP Customer Service on +33 9 78 97 14 50, Monday through Friday, 09.00-18.00.

from our partners

Broaden your horizons with the Jeune 12-17 railcard. Check out these new benefits for sports and leisure activities:

  • 5% off UCPA courses all year round
  • 5% off BAFA certificate courses for camp counsellors
  • additional discounts on newspaper and magazine subscriptions through OFUP

on every journey

At every stage of your journey, you’ll get discounts and other benefits to make your travel even more fun:

  • door-to-door luggage delivery—save 25%, starting with your second bag
  • Train+Accor hotel service—complimentary breakfast
  • food and drink on board—save 15% on select menus in TGV café-bars and aboard Intercités trains

Terms & conditions for exchanges and refunds: ticket exchanges and refunds are free of charge until two days before your departure. For exchanges and refunds on the day before or the day of departure, you will be charged a fee of €5 per person and per journey. Once your train has departed, no exchanges or refunds are allowed.

More about your benefits

Door-to-door luggage delivery

Save 25% on luggage, starting with your second bag. Your luggage will be delivered to the address of your choice in 24 hours minimum. Discount applies to the €15* fee for standard luggage and additional bags. May not be combined with other offers. *Price valid at 29/10/2013, excluding special offers.

See terms & conditions

Train+Accor hotel

Get complimentary breakfast for one—or for two people sharing a room—when you book your train ticket and your Accor hotel in France or Europe at the same time.

See terms & conditions

Food and drink on board

Present your Jeune railcard and save 15% on select meals aboard TGVs and Intercités trains. Offer valid for one purchase per journey. Savings apply to purchase of one Daily Malin, Daily Saison or Daily Gourmand menu, or select service-at-your-seat menus aboard Intercités trains.

Points of sale & information

By telephone

From inside France, dial 3635 and say, “Billet Loisir”. You pay €0.40/min, including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider.

At stations and SNCF sales offices

Our employees and advisers are ready to assist you.

Station opening hours
Find a station or sales office near you

Buying & renewing
your card

Your Jeune 12-17 railcard is valid for one year. During that time, you must present your card and your discounted ticket whenever tickets are checked. Be sure to renew your card before the anniversary date to avoid penalties and breaks in benefits.

To buy your Jeune 12-17 railcard or get additional information, simply choose the most convenient point of sale or information desk.

Download information on our Jeune 12-17 railcard and its terms of use

Download the General Terms and Conditions of Sale for the Jeune 12-17 Railcard