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All fares
Age 60 and up

Want to save on travel? We offer two options—a Senior+ railcard for all lines and Loisir fares for TGV and Intercités journeys.

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Pascale, age 68, and her Senior+ railcard

Pascale is a 68-year-old retiree. She lives in Lille but travels regularly to Bordeaux to see her daughter. With her Senior+ railcard, she can travel the length of France in 1st class—even at the last minute—and pay just €102 instead of €171. Her card saves her an average of €41 on a one-way journey in first class. Or she can save €22.50 on a one-way journey in second class. Either way, her railcard pays for itself in just one or two return journeys.

Your Senior+ railcard

Make the most of your free time: buy our Senior+ railcard and get great deals on travel all year long.

At just €60 (1) a year, your card generally pays for itself in 3 return journeys, and you’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits(2):

  • a 25% discount—guaranteed—in 2nd class on all TGV and Intercités trains requiring reservations, and up to 40% in 1st class, as compared with the Loisir fare for a passenger travelling without a card. And you can book any time, right up to the last available seat
  • 10% additional savings—guaranteed—on Prem’s tickets
  • 25% off 2nd-class travel and 40% off 1st-class travel aboard TER and Intercités trains not requiring reservations when your journey begins during a peak travel period (shown in white on our Fare Calendar), and 50% off when your journey begins during an off-peak travel period (shown in blue on our Fare Calendar)
  • exclusive last-minute Dernière Minute offers for you and the travelling companion of your choice, regardless of age

Ready to see Europe? Your Senior+ railcard now offers discounts on France-Italy, France-Germany and France-Luxembourg lines, as well as travel aboard Lyria and between Paris and Freiburg im Breisgau.

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(1) Prices valid at 2/01/2014, excluding special offers.
(2) Conditions apply.

It’s easy: you can exchange your tickets for free or get a full refund up to two days before your departure. And if you change your mind on the day of your departure or the day before, you pay only €5 per person per leg of your journey—instead of €15 for non-cardholders—plus the price difference, if any, between the exchanged ticket and the new one.

And you can save even more if you plan your journeys up to 3 months in advance—you’re guaranteed to get an additional 10% discount on Prem’s tickets.

More ways
to save

Even if you don't have a railcard, you can get great deals on travel.

With our Reduced Loisir fare, you save* up to 35% on regularly priced tickets, and you can take advantage of this low fare from 90 days before departure to 5 days before departure on TGV and Intercités trains. To get the best deals, plan ahead and travel during off-peak periods whenever you can. If you can plan ahead or be flexible on your travel dates, you can also save with our Prem’s* fares for TGV and Intercités. You can book your tickets up to 3 months ahead.

And if you prefer regional travel, our Découverte Senior fare gives you a 25%* discount when you choose our TER regional trains and begin your journey during an off-peak travel period (shown in blue on our Fare Calendar).

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If you often travel with your grandchildren, give them an Enfant+ railcard and save 50% on fares for up to 4 travelling companions.

Learn more about our Enfant+ railcard

You may also qualify for reduced fares if:

  • you’re looking for work
  • you’re travelling for business
  • you’re taking your annual holiday

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* These fares may not be combined with an SNCF railcard.