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Fret SNCF is the number-one rail freight company in France, with more than 92,000 trains operated in 2013. We draw on our long experience and in-depth knowledge of Europe's markets and rail network to create innovative, tailored transport solutions. And we work with you to build a close partnership that meets your needs and challenges.

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Eric Lanzeray

Automotive industry

Pierre Alain Le Ster

Public works and civil engineering

Eric Lanzeray

Ores, fuels and co-products

David Chachura

Chemicals, petrochemicals

François Corvez

Consumer goods

Pierre Alain Le Ster


Jean-Marc Aubert

Steel - flat products

Stéphane Chabeau

Steel - long products

Amalia Ambroise

Scrap metal

Sylvie Cholet


Véronique Sury

Wood products

Eric Lanzeray

Oversized transportations

Lionel Lopez

Logistics services

Stephane Charruault

Fret SNCF,
your rail expert

Fret SNCF is the leading rail freight company in France and a key player Europe-wide, so you can count on our expertise in freight transport and logistics. When you work with us, you are guaranteed to get:

  •  Long-established expertise, whatever your field of activity: you will benefit from expert advice, and we will work with you to create a customized offer that meets your needs for cargo capacity, volume and responsiveness and addresses the specific challenges of your business.
  •  International scope: we work with the Captrain network, pooling our expertise with theirs to transport your cargo throughout Europe. We stay with you to the last kilometre, giving you a single end-to-end contact for faster, simpler delivery.
  •  A comprehensive logistics offer: in addition to our rail expertise, we can handle any type of logistics challenge. With Fret SNCF, you can count on effective, customized solutions, complementary services such as trucking, unloading, and rail-to-road, and on-site services including shunting, maintenance, and equipment rental.

flexible service

Does your business need a freight provider that can adapt to fluctuations in volume and traffic? Fret SNCF has the agility and engineering expertise you need. For heavy loads, single- or multi-client shipments on major routes across Europe, or single-wagon shuttle service, our Multi-lots Multi-clients offer can be tailored to meet your requirements for volume and responsiveness.

Every day, we work closely with French rail network owner Réseau ferré de France (RFF) to craft a transport plan especially for you that minimizes the impact of engineering works on your timeline.

And you'll find the same effectiveness and flexibility when you place and track your orders:

  •  Our Customer Service Center is at your service, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. A dedicated team manages your orders and helps you design and execute your transport plan.
  •  Our customer portal offers a wide range of e-services, so that you can manage your own shipments along the entire transport chain: TrainOrder, MLMC-Order, On-line Freight Bills, OrderTracking, On-line Invoice, CO2-Information and CO2-Calculator.

Whether you’re tracking heavy loads, single-wagon loads, or SNCF wagons, with Fret SNCF you’ll get end-to-end information in real time.

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Fret SNCF key figures

CSR and safety
the core of
our business

At Fret SNCF, safety, innovation and corporate social responsibility are our top priorities.

We’re constantly optimizing our offer and innovating, for ever-more effective services at more competitive prices, and our research teams stay ahead of regulatory and technological trends to meet your expectations.

From specially designed regional organization to updated braking systems, from long trains to improved aerodynamics, our performance is always improving. Which is why Fret SNCF is a key player in Europe’s rail renaissance.

Improving our services also means shrinking our environmental footprint. Trains are inherently environment-friendly, but we make them even greener by using electric locomotives whenever we can. We're also working to improve the environmental performance of our facilities by minimizing waste and reducing energy and water consumption. In particular, we're deploying an ambitious CO2 reduction programme that will shrink the carbon footprint of our parent divison, SNCF Logistics.

Our constant pursuit of innovation and responsible transport go hand in hand with our high safety standards. At Fret SNCF, safety covers everything from regulatory compliance and regular audits and inspections to highly skilled operators and constant monitoring of hazardous cargo by dedicated experts in our Présence Fret group. Care extends from the loading site to the end of the route, preserving the integrity of your cargo and the safety of your trains.