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Have a rental car
at the station.
Book now
with iDAVIS

With iDAVIS, you can have a rental car waiting at the station for easy door-to-door travel. Enjoy a wealth of benefits in one simple fare.

Book a rental car with iDAVIS

Book a rental car with iDAVIS

On the Internet


By telephone

From inside France, dial 3635. You pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider. Outside France, dial +33 8 92 35 35 35.

With iDAVIS,
your car will
be waiting
at the end
of the platform

With iDAVIS, you can rent a car when you book your train ticket—just pick it up when you arrive at over 230 stations in France and Europe. And if your train arrives after the local Avis agency has closed, an SNCF staff member will be on hand to give you the keys to your car(1).

10% discount—guaranteed(2)
Whether you’re on vacation, travelling for business or simply need a car during your stay, we make it easy. Combine your train ticket with an iDAVIS rental to simplify your journey—and get a guaranteed 10%(2) discount from Avis.

iDAVIS offers
a wealth of
benefits at the lowest price—guaranteed

When you book your car with iDAVIS, you’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits:

The lowest price—guaranteed

  • No railcard or loyalty card? No problem. You get a guaranteed 10% discount(2) on Avis France rates
  • Got an SNCF railcard? You get a guaranteed 15%(3) discount on the Avis France rate—all year long, for all prepaid rentals. Got a Jeune 18-27 card? If you’ve had a permit for a full year, you can rent a car starting from age 19 instead of 21. And if you find a cheaper offer, Avis will refund double the difference(4). 
  • Got an SNCF loyalty card? You get a guaranteed 15% discount and one complimentary option. And if you’re a Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club cardholder, or if you're travelling on a Pro or Fréquence ticket, you’ll also get an upgrade—guaranteed.

Wide selection

  • over 170 stations in France
  • over 90 stations in Europe
  • the right vehicle for everyone—family cars, city cars, convertibles and more

24/7 availability

If the Avis agency is closed when your train arrives, an SNCF employee will be on hand to give you the keys to your car(1)

Book a rental car with iDAVIS

Parking at the station: Effia car parks

Learn more about parking with EFFIA, an SNCF Group subsidiary

Find an EFFIA car park

Voyageur programme members
Getting away for the weekend? If you’re a Voyageur programme member, you can save 50%(1) on the hourly rate for parking, and booking is free(2). This benefit is available from Friday morning through Monday evening.

Book a parking place with your Voyageur membership

*Terms & conditions

(1) We provide this complimentary service as part of our prepaid iDAVIS offer: simply pay at the Avis agency. Offer valid at nearly 170 SNCF stations in France until stations close for the night. Conditions apply
(2) Conditions apply. Offer valid for all prepaid bookings at the Avis France rate (does not include Corsica), starting 1 October 2014. Book in a station, in an SNCF sales office, on line at, or by telephone. From inside France call 3635: you pay €0.40/min including tax, plus any fees charged by your service provider). Outside France, dial +33 8 92 35 35 35.
(3) Conditions apply. Offer valid for prepaid Avis France rates offered to the general public, for departures from continental France (does not include Corsica) and rentals of 1-30 days. Discount available when you pay at booking, and for any category of vehicle other than Avis Prestige and utility vehicles.
(4) For full details, visit the Avis website
(5) Subject to availability of parking places.
Offer valid for any booking that includes Saturday night, in the following parking facilities: Aix-en-Provence TGV (except area P3 Forfaits Internet), Angoulême, Annecy, Avignon P1, P2/P3, P6, Belfort-Montbéliard, Béziers, Bordeaux Armagnac, Chambéry, Champagne Ardennes TGV P1, Clermont-Ferrand, Dax, Dijon, Douai, Grenoble Europole, Le Mans, Lille Flandres, Limoges Aristide Briand, Lorraine TGV, Lyon Part-Dieu Mixte, Mâcon-Loché, Marseille Saint-Charles, Massy TGV, Metz, Nantes Sud 1, Paris-Austerlitz Verrière, Paris-Bercy, Paris-Est 1 Alsace, Paris-Est 2 Saint-Martin, Paris-Lyon Diderot, Paris-Montparnasse Pasteur, Paris-Saint-Lazare, Perpignan, Poitiers, Reims Clairmarais, Rennes, Rouen P1, Saint-Pierre des Corps, TGV Haute Picardie, Toulouse, Valence TGV P1, P2, P4, Vichy.
(6) Resaplace service includes a booking fee plus the cost of parking