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Ouigo fares

Discover the convenient, economical alternative for budget-friendly travel between the Paris region and South-Eastern France.

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Ouigo at a glance

  • fares start at €10
  • children pay a flat €5 fare, provided they are accompanied by an adult and are under 12 on the travel date
  • 25% of Ouigo seats sell for less than €25

Tickets from €10

With Ouigo, pricing is simple, with no hidden costs or extras. Don’t miss a single opportunity for travel you can afford! Check out Ouigo’s special last-minute deals to see the best prices and available seats.

Take advantage of Ouigo’s special last-minute deals

To get the best prices, plan ahead: the earlier you book, the lower your fare. Prices vary with demand and can range from €10 to €85. Want to bring the whole family? Ouigo fares are even lower for your little ones. Children under 12 on the travel date pay a flat €5 fare* when accompanied by an adult.

Ouigo serves these stations:

  • Aix-en-Provence
  • Avignon
  • Lyon St-Exupéry
  • Marne-la-Vallée
  • Marseille
  • Montpellier
  • Nîmes
  • Valence

* Every day, regardless of destination and date of purchase.

A streamlined
offer + options

Simple and affordable, Ouigo is the travel alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality. How do we do it? Our fares focus on the essentials: 1 class, 1 seat, 1 piece of luggage.

With Ouigo, travel is easy and comfortable:

  • your seat is guaranteed to be as comfortable as a 2nd class TGV seat
  • you can bring one carryon (55cm x 35cm x 25cm) and a handbag (36cm H x 27cm W x 15cm D)
  • you can bring a pet weighing less than 6 kg instead of your carryon
  • you can bring a pushchair if you need one—just be sure to mention it when you book
  • if you use a wheelchair, Ouigo can accommodate you; be sure to choose one of these spaces when you book

Want more services during your journey? When you travel with Ouigo, you’ve got options.

Optional services with Ouigo

Travel info via SMS

For just €1 per return journey, you’ll receive confirmation of your order, any changes to your booking, the date your tickets will be sent via email, and the platform number for your train.

Power outlets

Add access to a power outlet for just €2 per journey. A child under 12 can share the outlet at no extra charge, provided at least one accompanying adult has booked the power option. All seats with outlets are in the same area, so if you’re travelling with a group, everyone must choose this option.

Extra luggage

5 per journey if you choose this option when you book.
€10 per journey if you choose this option after you book.

See our terms & conditions for the extra luggage option


€10 per round-trip journey to change the date, time or destination

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Go to to book an all-Ouigo journey.
Ouigo tickets are also sold on if Ouigo serves your chosen destination.

On-line booking

Ouigo tickets are sold on line exclusively. Ticket sales begin 9 months before your departure date and end 4 hours before the train leaves the station. Please arrive at the station 30 minutes before your departure to allow Ouigo personnel to check all tickets.