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SNCF Voyageur

Free and open to all, our Voyageur programme comes with a range of personalized benefits: a loyalty card that can also access your ticket; real-time information on your journey; and a range of discounts. It’s easy—and you’ll benefit no matter how often you travel.

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travel easy

The way you travel is unique to you—so your benefits are, too. When you join our Voyageur programme, you qualify automatically for e-ticket service(1), so there’s no need to collect, print or punch your ticket. Simply present your loyalty card on board your train, along with any discount documentation you may need.

When you become a member, you’ll receive a Voyageur card with a unique number. Use this number when you book SNCF train tickets, and your SNCF Direct or TGV Pro app will deliver your e-tickets immediately, plus all the information you need for your journey—seat number and departure platform, plus updates on any disruptions, all in real time. You’ll also find full details for your journey on the Voyageur programme website.

Download the SNCF app:

TGV Pro app

Business travel, simplified

Got a Fréquence 25 or Fréquence (50%) pass? They can save you 25% or 50% on TGV Pro tickets and Intercités Pro tickets requiring reservations—but that’s not all. With either pass, you can access your Pro 1re and 2de tickets, get information about your journey, and exchange your ticket up to one hour after your train leaves. And you can do it all right from our TGV Pro app.

Download the TGV Pro app:
Windows Phone

iDAVIS Benefits

If you hold a Voyageur or Grand Voyageur loyalty card, you’ll get a 15% discount—guaranteed—and you can add one of these options free of charge: an infant or child seat, an additional driver, or a GPS (subject to availability). If you’re a Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club cardholder, or if you have a Pro or Fréquence ticket, you’re also entitled to a guaranteed upgrade.

Special discounts

As a Voyageur member, you'll get extra discounts. Do you take the same journey often? Enter your favourite destination in your personal profile, and you’ll get email alerts about deals designed especially for you.

Travel more, save more
The more you travel, the more rewards you’ll enjoy. After five return journeys, you’ll qualify for a 20% discount (2) on the journey of your choice—in addition to any fare discounts linked to your SNCF travel pass or railcard.

Save on weekend parking
Planning a weekend getaway? Save on parking with our partner, Effia.

From Friday morning to Monday night, your Voyageur membership entitles you to:

  • 50% off(3) the hourly rate for parking your vehicle
  • free booking(4)

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More Voyageur benefits
As a Voyageur member you’ll also get special offers for SNCF services such as on-board dining, home luggage pickup, and iDAVIS—a programme that lets you book your rental car and your train ticket at the same time.

Benefits in France
& around Europe

The Voyageur programme offers four levels of benefits:

  • Voyageur
  • Grand Voyageur
  • Grand Voyageur Plus
  • Grand Voyageur Le Club

If you travel and shop more often, you can upgrade your membership and increase your rewards. And because your journeys are recorded, it’s easy to upgrade: complete 20 journeys in less than a year from your membership date, and you’ll automatically be upgraded to Grand Voyageur.

With a Grand Voyageur card, you’ll get:

  • access to special Pro Express ticket windows for immediate departures
  • preferred Grand Voyageur contacts, including your own online space and a dedicated telephone line
  • an extensive catalogue of bonuses, including train tickets for destinations in France and around Europe with Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria, DB/SNCF and more(5)
  • additional services to make your journey easier

Travelling outside France? Your Grand Voyageur Le Club membership gives you access to Eurostar, Deutsche Bahn, Thalys, CFF, NS Hispeed and ÖBB lounges, courtesy of our European partners in the Railteam alliance.

Voyageur Pro benefits

Got a Forfait, Fréquence 25 or Fréquence (50%) pass? When you join the Voyageur programme, you can upgrade immediately to Grand Voyageur status, and get the benefits you need for your business trips.

SNCF Grand Voyageur lounges

If you’re a Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club member, you can enjoy our lounges regardless of whether you travel in Pro 1re or Pro 2de**.

In this quiet, exclusive space, you can work in peace—or simply relax. Exchange tickets at the counter, choose from our selection of complimentary newspapers and magazines, or take advantage of our free WiFi.

Learn more about the amenities in our SNCF Grand Voyageur lounges

Take the next train—no exchange required

Unexpected change in schedule? Take the next train, without even exchanging your ticket(6)—an exclusive benefit offered to business travellers with the Grand Voyageur Le Club card.

Earn Monnaie points and redeem them for rewards

Once you reach the Grand Voyageur level(7), choose our Pro 1re fare to earn 8 points for each euro spent. And with our Pro 2de fare, you earn 4 points for each euro spent.

Learn more about rewards for Grand Voyageur cardholders

Terms & conditions

When you join the Voyageur programme, you must provide a valid email address to access all of the benefits offered via the Internet. Participation is limited to individuals over 12 years of age.

Journeys must be made by the loyalty cardholder and can only be recorded if you present your card when you buy your SNCF ticket. Benefits accrue for SNCF journeys in France (not including TER, Transilien, iDTGV and Ouigo) priced at over €9 or at the Forfait fare, and for select international journeys.

Cardholder travel counters are updated as follows:

  • for train tickets purchased without a reservation—7 days after date of purchase
  • for train tickets purchased with a reservation—7 days after your return for return journeys, and 7 days after the date of your trip for one-way journeys
  • whenever the counter shows that you have made 10 or 20 journeys in the 12 months after the date on which you qualify for a given membership level. In this case, you will automatically receive a benefit code that is valid for two months from the date it is sent. The journey counter is reset to zero once a year, on the date you reached your current membership level.

(1) E-Ticket service is available only for select destinations and is subject to the terms and conditions of use for the Voyageur programme (in French). Your e-ticket is an electronic ticket stored in SNCF’s IT system in accordance with our current general terms and conditions of sale. Your card contains a code that allows you to access your e-ticket. This service is available solely for e-tickets. To benefit, you must provide your card number through the SNCF Direct or TGV Pro app, and you must own a telephone that is compatible with these apps.

(2) Benefits apply exclusively to purchase of an SNCF train ticket in France (excluding Prem’s, iDTGV, TER, Transilien and Ouigo) at Loisir (regular Loisir fare, Loisir Réduit, Loisir Week-end and Tarifs Négociés fares) and Pro fares (TGV Pro, Intercités Pro, Fréquence and Tarifs Négociés fares); and to purchase of tickets with an SNCF railcard (Enfant+, Jeune 12-27, Week-end or Senior+).

(3) Subject to availability. Offer valid for any booking, including Saturday and Sunday nights, in the following parking facilities: Aix-en-Provence TGV (except area P3 Forfaits Internet), Angoulême, Annecy, Avignon P1, P2/P3, P6, Belfort-Montbéliard, Béziers, Bordeaux Armagnac, Chambéry, Champagne Ardennes TGV P1, Clermont-Ferrand, Dax, Dijon, Douai, Grenoble Europole, Le Mans, Lille Flandres, Limoges Aristide Briand, Lorraine TGV, Lyon Part-Dieu Mixte, Mâcon-Loché, Marseille Saint-Charles, Massy TGV, Metz, Nantes Sud 1, Paris Austerlitz Verrière, Paris Bercy, Paris Est 1 Alsace, Paris Est 2 Saint-Martin, Paris Lyon Diderot, Paris Montparnasse Pasteur, Paris Saint-Lazare, Perpignan, Poitiers, Reims Clairmarais, Rennes, Rouen P1, Saint-Pierre des Corps, TGV Haute Picardie, Toulouse, Valence TGV P1, P2, P4, Vichy.

(4) Resaplace service includes a booking fee plus the cost of parking.

(5) Conditions apply. Valid for select journeys, purchased at authorized SNCF points of sale, with at least one station (arrival or departure) in France. To see a complete list of these journeys, visit the Voyageur programme website (in French).

(6) Conditions apply. You are not guaranteed a seat. Offer valid for an identical journey entirely within France, for trains departing within an hour of the original train, or for the next train, provided that it departs on the same day. You may be required to pay an additional charge on board if the fare for the train you booked is lower than the train you take under this service.

(7) To earn points, you must present your loyalty card when you purchase your train ticket. Points accrue for journeys priced at over €9, including SNCF journeys in France (not including TER, Transilien, Ouigo and iDTGV) and select journeys outside France. See the complete list on the Voyageur programme website. Points are valid for 3 years, provided you maintain Grand Voyageur, Grand Voyageur Plus or Grand Voyageur Le Club membership. If you downgrade to Voyageur level, you must use your points within 6 months.