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International business

We’re growing our business around the world, from a historic Keolis contract in the UK to projects in China, Australia, Morocco and the US. Here’s an overview of leading contracts—active and signed—won by SNCF and its subsidiaries.

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Keolis & Fret continue to lead in Europe

Keolis wins historic contract in the UK

Keolis and the British group Go-Ahead have won the largest rail franchise in the history of the UK. Under the seven-year contract, Govia—an 18-year partnership between Keolis (35%) and Go-Ahead (65%)—will operate the UK’s largest rail network. With three times more passengers and twice as many trains as the greater Paris region, the Thameslink Southern and Great Northern (TSGN) network demands the management skills of a mass transit expert. With annual revenue of €1.36 billion and over 273 million passengers annually, the network serves London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Cambridge and the St Pancras International rail hub, as well as Gatwick and Luton airports. The unprecedented scope of this new contract shows yet again that Keolis is a major operator of public passenger transport in France, Europe and around the world.

Keolis wins UK’s biggest rail contract

Keolis wins London light rail franchise

A joint venture formed by Keolis (70%) and its partner Amey (30%) has won a seven-year franchise to operate London’s Docklands Light Railway. The contract runs through April 2021, with an option to extend through 2023, and will generate total revenue of €883 million. This is the first contract Keolis has won from Transport for London (TfL), the organizing authority for the city’s internationally recognized public transport network.

Bordeaux renews contract with Keolis

Greater Bordeaux has renewed its urban transport management contract with Keolis, signing an eight-year agreement worth €1.7 billion, or €210 million annually. Keolis has operated the city’s light rail and bus network since 2009. The winning bid addressed both financial and environmental criteria, meeting several of the city’s requirements for overall mobility. The project also calls for Bordeaux’s light rail network to expand by 7%, making it the largest of its kind in France. 

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Keolis ranks as Stockholm’s top bus operator

Keolis Sverige, Keolis’s Swedish subsidiary, has strengthened its position as Stockholm’s leading bus operator. The transport organizing authority for the Swedish capital has awarded it a new eight-year contract to operate the city’s buses—a contract that will generate €115 million in revenue during its first year. With volumes rising, the network will also be modified and expanded, allowing it to handle an estimated 100 million-120 million passengers a year.

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Fiat chooses Fret SNCF for utility vehicles

Trenitalia Cargo has chosen Fret SNCF to handle transport of Fiat utility vehicles in 2014 and 2015. The SNCF subsidiary will move the vehicles from the automaker’s Fossacesia plant in Italy to the Saint-Priest platform near Lyon, loading them onto a total of over 400 trains by the end of 2015.

Fiat rolls with Fret SNCF

Fret SNCF carries goods for Kronenbourg

Kronenbourg has renewed its partnership with VFLI—France’s third-largest rail freight transport and logistics provider—and launched a new one with Fret SNCF. Through 31 September 2017, the two SNCF subsidiaries will handle logistics and freight transport for the French brewer, carrying bottled beer from Kronenbourg’s brewery in Alsace to destinations in Greater Paris, the Lyon region and North-Western France.

Kronenbourg strengthens ties with Fret SNCF & VFLI

Keolis strikes out for new territory

Keolis wins contract for operation of Boston rail network

Keolis has been selected to run the rail network around Boston, Massachusetts, in addition to the 145 km of rail it already operates between Washington DC and neighbouring Virginia. Under the terms of the 8-year deal—North America’s largest transport contract awarded to a private operator―Keolis will serve 140,000 passengers a day, managing 13 lines, 134 stations and over 1,000 km of track.

Keolis Transit America scores a win in Las Vegas

Present in the US since 2010, Keolis is now growing on both coasts, thanks to its expertise in urban bus networks and rail system operations. In 2013 Keolis Transit America (KTA), the Keolis Group subsidiary for urban transport in the US, took the lion's share of the bus transport network serving greater Las Vegas. KTA now operates 55% of the network’s vehicles, serving some 30 million passengers annually. The Regional Transport Commission voted unanimously to award the contract to KTA, based on the quality of its offer and the expertise of the personnel set to run the operation.

Keolis hits the jackpot in Las Vegas

Keolis wins first light rail contract in Canada

With its partners in the GrandLinq consortium, Keolis has won a 33-year contract to operate and maintain the light rail system planned for Canada’s Waterloo region. Though the SNCF subsidiary has provided bus and coach services in Quebec for 11 years, the Waterloo deal strengthens its position in the North American light rail market. The new contract will generate total revenue of €357 million.

Keolis & GrandLinq win first light rail contract in Canada

Spurring growth
in North Africa and the Middle East

AREP builds new station in Casablanca

After five years of works, Casablanca has inaugurated Casa-Port, a new multimodal hub with a 2,500-sq m station, a car park and numerous services. Built by SNCF’s AREP subsidiary, the new station will keep pace with the growth and mobility demands of the city, which will ultimately host 25 million travellers annually. AREP is an engineering and design firm that plans and builds spaces for effective crowd flow.

Learn more about AREP’s Casa-Port project in Morocco

Systra, Egis & Parsons win contract for Riyadh metro in Saudi Arabia

Systra, SNCF’s urban and rail transport engineering subsidiary, and its partner Egis have joined forces with American engineering firm Parsons, bidding successfully to provide project management and supervise construction of six lines of the new metro in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia—a highly ambitious project, given its scope and tight deadlines. The network, which must be built in just five years, will include 92 stations and a total of 177 km of automated line—60 km underground, 81 km on viaducts and 36 km on ground. The €425 million deal covers nearly half of all engineering services for the system’s six lines.

Building Riyadh’s metro

Israel Railways signs partnership agreement with SNCF

Israel Railways (ISR) and SNCF have signed a partnership agreement to expand and modernize the Israeli rail network, capping more than a decade of cooperation. “We have worked towards the development of public transport in Israel for over ten years now,” said SNCF Chairman Guillaume Pepy. “This is a new phase of our commitment.” The partnership will focus on expanding and modernizing Israel’s stations, and SNCF’s AREP subsidiary may also contribute expertise toward developing commercial activity in stations.

SNCF in Israel

And that's not all…

Geodis Wilson has signed a €34 million contract to provide air, sea and land transport services for a new resource field in Chad. Meanwhile, Systra is expanding Dubai’s metro network under a deal worth US $7.6 billion.

SNCF & Keolis expand presence
in Asia & Oceania

Keolis steps up presence in China

Since Keolis Group opened its Wuhan offices in 2013, the SNCF subsidiary has continued to grow its business in the region. Local municipalities in Hubei have signed a letter of intent calling for Keolis to help operate the express rail system that will serve the Wuhan suburbs. The project will link Wuhan with its eight satellite cities, creating a metropolis of 30 million people.

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Keolis and Shanghai Metro Group form ShanKai alliance

Keolis has joined with Shentong Metro Group, builder and operator of the world’s largest subway system in Shanghai, to create ShanKai, a joint venture specializing in urban transport. The partners have pooled their skills and expertise, submitting joint tenders for metro, light rail and train systems in China and elsewhere in Asia.

Keolis pools know-how with Shanghai metro operator

Pursuing growth throughout India

SNCF and India’s Ministry of Railways (Indian Railways) have signed several cooperation protocols aimed at modernizing the country’s network. SNCF has already conducted a wide-ranging study on developing the high-speed rail line linking Mumbai to Ahmedabad, a distance of nearly 450 km. The agreement also covers renovating India’s rail stations and expanding its urban and regional transport services. A new protocol signed in April 2015 focuses on a programme to modernize 7,000 km of line and increase the speed of the Delhi-Chandigarh line to 200 km/h.

Elsewhere in India, Keolis has been selected to operate and maintain the metro system planned for Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pradesh. An estimated 1.5 million passengers will use the 71-km network every day. The elevated system will run on a viaduct and be fully automated.

Success in India

Keolis & Australia’s buses

Keolis Downer—a joint venture uniting Keolis with Downer, a leading Australian firm—has signed an agreement to acquire one of the country’s top bus operators, Australian Transit Enterprises. The group already manages Melbourne’s light rail network, the largest in the world. In all, some 190 million passengers will use the Keolis Downer network each year. This new contract positions Keolis Downer as Australia’s leading operator of multimodal public transport.