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Traffic info

With the new traffic info features on, you can get traffic forecasts for upcoming travel and track the progress of your train in real time—and don’t miss our news stories on life behind the scenes at SNCF.

Get real-time traffic updates

Get traffic forecasts

Explore our new
traffic update features

Need a timetable? Looking for your train’s arrival platform? Or maybe you’d like to know about upcoming works or current traffic conditions on your line? You can get it all at
Our new, enhanced search module is more comprehensive and easier to use, so you can track SNCF traffic in real time and get more travel information with our new features.

How it works
It’s easy: simply search by journey (enter your departure and arrival stations plus your travel date and time), by train number and departure date, or by the name of a station . You can:
•    view comprehensive information on your train, with a list of stops and connections, duration of stops and connections, traffic conditions and on-board services
•    get on-time performance statistics for your train
•    pinpoint your train’s location in real time
•    check all trains and buses departing from or arriving at a specific station and track their progress in real time

You can also view station maps, explore in-station and on-board services for smarter planning and easier travel, and get information on parking and other amenities at any station you choose.

A dedicated area at the top of the page  keeps you informed of the latest developments—engineering works, strikes, weather alerts and more, all updated in real time.

Get traffic updates on

Explore our Traffic forecasts page
Want to plan for an upcoming journey? Visit our Traffic forecasts page (in French) to see traffic projections up to several months in advance, check for timetable changes, and get detailed information on engineering works scheduled for your lines.

Visit our Traffic forecasts page (in French)

All the traffic info you need— on your mobile

Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, our new SNCF app delivers all the information you need. Learn about potential delays, map out your itinerary, locate nearby stations, find your train’s arrival platform and more.

Download the new SNCF app for iPhone
Download the new SNCF app for Android
Learn more about the new SNCF app

Read about
operations at SNCF

At SNCF, our business is trains—and the people who run them. Read our news stories to share the day-to-day experiences of the hardworking men and women who go all out to give you a pleasant journey and get you there on time.

Learn more about:

  • rail technology, from signalling to points
  • threats to traffic, from ice to animals on the tracks
  • causes for delay, from catenary incidents to the preparations we make before your train ever reaches the platform
  • the day-to-day responsibilities of SNCF employees—managing traffic and more.

And we’ll publish new stories soon—stay tuned