Corporate Social Responsibility

Mobility, commitment to the environment, a sense of community and socially responsible hiring—at SNCF, we’re working actively on all of these fronts, using change as an opportunity to build a rail system that’s more useful and sustainable for everyone.

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By their very nature—and thanks to the density of the rail network in France—trains are the backbone of sustainable mobility. Amid economic crisis and rising environmental imperatives, there’s an urgent need to deliver measurable progress, door to door and end to end. To meet our stakeholders’ high expectations, we’re experimenting, innovating and exploring alternative forms of mobility, including bicycle- and car-sharing schemes and other eco-friendly options. The general public will benefit as fuel prices rise and lifestyles evolve.

SNCF wins high CSR rating from EcoVadis

EcoVadis, a rating organization specializing in supplier sustainability, reviewed SNCF’s social, labour and environmental practices to rate our CSR (corporate social responsibility) performance — our Group-wide contribution to sustainable development.

We scored 70 out of 100, which puts us in the “Advanced” group — level 4 on a scale of 5.

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Trains account for only 1% of total CO2 emissions and 10% of all passengers and freight transported in France.

Meeting your mobility needs

Of the ten universal principles of corporate social responsibility in the UN Global Compact, three refer to the environment. In France the Grenelle Environmental Round Table, launched in 2007, is helping to increase awareness of the environmental challenges of the 21st century:

  • climate change
  • biodiversity
  • waste management
  • air quality

SNCF focuses on limiting impacts linked to our facilities and services—an effort essential to making our operations both acceptable and sustainable.

Shrinking our environmental footprint


At SNCF, we want our employees to look like our clients—not just to forge a connection with the people we serve, but to constantly adapt our services to meet the expectations of all. To achieve these goals, we must:

  • adopt a human resources policy that promotes diversity and meaningful dialog with labour organizations
  • leverage the skills of people throughout our Group
  • ensure that every SNCF employee practises good business ethics

At the same time, we must improve quality of life in the workplace, reduce employee fatigue, and increase wellbeing throughout SNCF.


As a leading employer and purchaser, SNCF can play a powerful role in regions throughout France. For the past two years, we have quantified the economic impact of our social responsibility initiatives at national level. We are now measuring our impact region by region, including flagship programmes that range from talks in schools to public service hotspots in stations. SNCF has also created a “Grand Territoire” agreement to help coordinate and implement social initiatives at regional level.


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