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Looking for easy transport to points north—or south? Climb aboard an iDBUS: a safe, comfortable, four-star coach with power outlets, toilets, wifi and built-in user-friendliness. With iDBUS by SNCF, you can choose from several daily return journeys departing from Paris, Lille and Lyon to destinations in northern Europe—London, Amsterdam or Brussels—and southern Europe—Milan or Turin.

Departing from Paris:

  • 7 daily return journeys between Paris and London, three of them direct
  • 4 daily return journeys between Paris and Amsterdam, one of them direct
  • 8 daily return journeys between Paris and Brussels, four of them direct
  • 3 daily return journeys to Milan and Turin

Departing from CDG/Roissy airport:

  • 2 daily return journeys from CDG/Roissy to London

Departing from Lille:

  • 3 daily return journeys between Lille and Amsterdam
  • 4 daily return journeys between Lille and Brussels
  • 4 daily return journeys between Lille and London

Departing from Lyon:

  • 3 daily return journeys to Milan and Turin
  • 2 daily return journeys to London via CDG/Roissy airport
  • 3 daily return journeys to Paris-Bercy


About your journey

To plan your journey, visit the iDBUS website for information in three languages—French, English and Dutch—on the cities we serve, our timetables and your bookings. Two days after you buy your ticket, you’ll receive a set of personalized travel documents.

When you board, a film presents guidelines for a safe and pleasant journey. Your iDBUS captain will drive you to your destination—and he’s there to help. Don’t hesitate to ask him for information about your journey.

When you arrive at your destination, follow the signs in the iDBUS station to find public transport and other local services.


Four-star comfort

Welcome aboard the coach that offers four-star comfort at an everyday price. You choose your seat—window or aisle, front or back—when you book, so simply adjust your reclining seat and personal fan to enjoy your journey to the fullest. Feel like surfing the Web? Use our free on-board wifi. iDBUS coaches also offer power outlets, your own tray-table and reading light.
And we’re the first fleet to be 100% accessible for travellers with limited mobility.


Attentive to your needs

At departure, our stewards are on hand to help boarding go smoothly for everyone. And once on board, you can count on your iDBUS captain to get you safely to your destination. Your captain is specifically trained for your itinerary and will keep you informed—in English and French—throughout your journey. Meanwhile, the team at our central office is on duty 24/7 to keep captains up to date on traffic conditions and best routes.


Simple fares

  • Great value for money
  • iDBUS fares are set and announced several months in advance
  • With our Tribu fare, four people can travel for the price of three
  • Passenger names can be changed for free in the 12 hours following your ticket purchase—handy for organizing a trip with friends

In addition to your ticket, we’ll email you a personalized mini-guide packed with handy information.

before departure, check in with our iDBUS staff. Then relax and enjoy your journey.

Wifi is free on iDBUS coaches, no matter where your journey takes you.