Annecy’s new multimodal hub

A new transfer hub puts all of Annecy’s transport modes in the same place—in the heart of the station.


Creating a crossroads

On 11 December 2012, local authorities inaugurated Annecy station’s new multimodal hub, designed to create a single place where passengers can find everything they need for transfers between a wide range of transport modes—TGV, TER, car-sharing, buses, taxis, bicycles, and even their own cars. Aim: make the journey smoother for everyone, door to door and regardless of transport mode. The new multimodal hub is tailored to a city where demand for urban transport is growing, with a focus on eco-friendly options, public transport, and accessibility for travellers with limited mobility. Gares & Connexions handled the works on the passenger building over 18 months from April 2011 to November 2012.


New uses for existing space

The 700 sq m multimodal concourse is connected to the existing station, putting its services back into the main flow of passenger traffic. With this first phase of the project complete, the second—scheduled for the second half of 2013—will repurpose the newly vacant space in the existing station to make the most of its proximity to the city centre, schools and a major shopping centre. Space will be reconfigured to host new shops, plus a bicycle station complete with lockers. The €11.7 million project is funded by SNCF, the Rhône-Alpes region, the French State, the Haute-Savoie General Council and the city of Annecy.