TGV: High-speed
rail travel,
French style

Hop on board TGV and travel around France,
and to Brussels, Italy or Barcelona at 320 km/h!
Our high-speed trains alight in the very heart
of town. TGV: High-speed rail travel, French style,
serving more than 230 destinations in 15 countries
across France and Europe.

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Looking for the best way to travel in Europe? Hop on Europe’s fastest trains to over 15 countries. Start by booking via, and enjoy all the benefits! Sit back in our comfortable carriages and travel at 320 km/h to new lands…

Travel stress-free
Book your TGV tickets online: Get your tickets by email and print them out, or find them straight in the app on your smartphone or tablet, and off you go! Seat reservations are included in the ticket price. Got a heavy bag? That’s fine. There’s no weight limit for luggage on the train.

Travel freely
Book, manage and update your trip quickly and easily, wherever you are, with the new Voyages-SNCF app for smartphones & tablets.

While on board, have a drink, make a phone call or add the finishing touches for an upcoming meeting… With a power outlet at your seat, watch a movie or charge your phone while you travel.

Travel and save time
No need to check in hours in advance, or spend time in a queue. Simply board the train before the scheduled boarding time, and make yourself at ease.

Travel right to the city centre
Alight in the heart of town, drop off your luggage and enjoy your holiday right away! No wasted transfer time.

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Services on board

TGV class comfort

On board TGV with a 1st class ticket, you’ll enjoy all the benefits: comfortable, adjustable seats, power sockets to charge your mobile phone and tablet, and private seating for a relaxing ride.

2nd class TGV always puts travellers first, and that means accommodating families too. You’ll find a friendly atmosphere, cushy seats, well-lit carriages, and expert information and customer services.

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Bar: food & drinks

Feeling hungry during your journey? TGV trains offer a large food service, featuring a wide selection of snacks, sweets and full meals to satisfy all your cravings.

You’ll find delicious, fresh food, crunchy and sweet snacks and a large selection of drinks. Make your choice of hot meals, salads, sandwiches, desserts and beverages (1), or opt for one of the set menus on offer at the TGV Bar. Where to eat your meal? It’s up to you! Bring it back to your seat or enjoy it right in the TGV Bar - a friendly spot to eat and chat with your fellow passengers.

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Luggage on board

Travelling with your pets, bike or lots of luggage? No worries! We’ve got all the info on how to get from here to there with all your belongings.

Learn more about luggage
Travelling with a pet
Travelling with a bike

SNCF iDCab service

Book a cab with the SNCF cab service, iDCab, to or from the station.
Your driver will be waiting for your arrival, even if your train is delayed, or pick you up at home, at the time that best suits you.

Learn more about iDCab

SNCF iDAVIS car rental service

Travelling by train and wanting to get a car at your destination? Rent a car with SNCF’s car rental service, iDAVIS. You will get a special discount, and your car will be waiting for you at the station upon your arrival.

Learn more about iDAVIS

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