Supply Chain Optimization

When you outsource your logistics chain, you convert fixed costs into variable costs and get control of fluctuating volumes. Come to Supply Chain Optimization for a partner with unique expertise.

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End-to-end Competitivity

Geodis puts IBM’s expertise in supply chain management to work for you. Services include:

  • Consulting and expertise
  • Logistics engineering
  • Operational optimization of your existing logistics chain
  • Centralized management of worldwide multimodal flows with a single point of contact

Advantage No. 1. Unrivalled coverage: over 500 partners and 1,300 employees in 50 countries.
Advantage No. 2.
Rigorous selection of internal and external partners for each link of the logistics chain and in each geographical area.
Advantage No. 3.
All-inclusive costing and economies of scale to reduce your risk and optimize your results.
Advantage No. 4.
Proactive real-time monitoring of local performance.