A wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF Geodis, STVA is the European specialist for finished-vehicle logistics and a preferred partner of leading auto manufacturers and rental companies.

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Our comprehensive logistics solutions for vehicles—light or utility, new or used—combine cost-effectiveness, timely delivery, quality and low CO2emissions.

  • Design of logistics flows from production plant to end client
  • Deployment and real-time monitoring of bimodal flows (rail-road)
  • Transit, storage and inventory management
  • Preparation of new vehicles and renovation of second-hand vehicles
  • Distribution via networks

Advantage No. 1. Our own fleet of 3,600 wagons and 835 light-vehicle carriers.
Advantage No. 2.
42 vehicle holding areas and preparation centres throughout Europe.
Advantage No. 3.
Real-time traceability of each vehicle at every stage.
Advantage No. 4.
A state-of-the-art environmental strategy from the first vehicle logistics specialist to sign a CO2 emissions charter.



5 impasse Chalabre
Immeuble le Cardinet
75017 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 85 56 78

vehicles handled annually

sq m of vehicle holding areas and 70,000 sq m of workshop space


Renault-STVA partnership wins praise from environmental agency

The Renault group’s Dacia plant in Romania awarded STVA a contract to transport 20,000 vehicles a year by rail and road to destinations in France. Each week, four or five trains carry Dacia vehicles 2,450 km across Europe to STVA’s logistics platform south of Paris. From there they are distributed by truck to dealers throughout the Paris region and Brittany. This combined rail-road solution, which saves around 6,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, and the Renault STVA partnership is cited by Ademe as a model of its kind.