Captrain is the international brand for SNCF Geodis european logistics and rail freight services. Our Europe-wide network offers comprehensive high-performance solutions.

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Captrain specializes in innovative solutions for door-to-door rail freight on Europe’s mainline routes.

  • Comprehensive logistics plans tailored to your industrial processes and markets
  • Seamless Europe-wide rail transport plans
  • Multimodal solutions (rail+waterway, rail+road, etc.).

Advantage No. 1. Centralized management and a single door-to-door point of contact for all of Europe.
Advantage No. 2.
Real-time consignment tracking and tracing from the first kilometre to the last.
Advantage No. 3.
Excellent coverage of strategic transit zones and hubs throughout Europe, including Benelux ports and hinterlands, central and eastern Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.


Captrain Solutions

Kaiserstrasse 56
D60329 Frankfurt Am Main
Tel: + 49 69 24 00 230

Captrain Belgique

Tel: +32 320 238 74

Captrain NL

Tel: +31 10 707 0500

Captrain Deutschland GmbH

Georgenstrabe 22
10117 Berlin
Tel: + 49 (0) 30 39 60 11 90

Captrain UK

2nd Floor, Asra House
1 Long Lane
London SE1 4PG
Tel: + 44 20 79 39 19 00

Captrain Italia

Via Toffeti, 104
20139 Milano
Tel: + 39 02 53 85 35

Captrain Romania

Str. Poet Panait Cerna, nr.7, bl. M44, sc.
1, parter, ap.2, sector 3
RO-030993 Bucuresti
Tel/Fax: + 40 213 205 181

European countriecovered by the Captrain network

contact for your entire logistics/transport chain throughout Europe


Putting wind power on track

In a worldwide first, SNCF Geodis transported nine 55-m wind turbine blades by rail from Germany to Denmark for Vestas, the global leader in wind turbine production. Captrain Solutions—an SNCF subsidiary and supplier of specialized wagons—organized the delivery, loading and unloading the blades in a matter of minutes. They reached their destination in less than 20 hours; by road, the journey would have taken 72 hours and required 9 trucks and 18 security vehicles. By choosing Captrain, Vestas reduced CO2 emissions and cut transport costs by around 15%.