We excel in every phase of a rail vehicle’s life, from design to maintenance to refurbishment. A wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF, we guarantee rail operators the highest levels of traffic safety and rail vehicle performance.

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Whether it’s goods wagons or TGV trainsets, we bring you 70 years of SNCF experience with a vast array of vehicle types.

  • Maintenance: From cleaning to detailed component inspection, Masteris has the maintenance centres and field staff to meet your needs.
  • Engineering: Services range from component design to assistance with procurement.
  • Spares: Europe-wide repair and supply of spare parts.
  • Equipment modernization and upgrades using the latest technologies.

Advantage No. 1. 39 SNCF maintenance centres throughout France and a rapidly expanding network in the Benelux, Germany and Italy.
Advantage No. 2. Ready access to SNCF’s vast know-how in all aspects of rail vehicle maintenance.
Advantage No. 3. The responsiveness you’d expect from a small team.


Christophe LENIZSKI
Sales manager
Tel: +33 (0)1 53 25 64 83

employees with experience in rail vehicle maintenance

Our expertise reflects our diverse fleet: 470 TGV trainsets, 2,900 locomotives, 53,000 freight wagons and 6,300 passenger cars.



Fast turnaround for Dutch colleagues

In 2011, Dutch rail vehicle maintenance specialist Nedtrain issued a Europe-wide call for tenders to overhaul the traction motors of its Alstom series 1700/1800 locomotives. Capitalizing on long experience with SNCF’s similarly designed BB7200/15000/22200 locomotives, Masteris submitted a winning bid based on fast-turnaround facilities capable of overhauling one motor per week.