A flagship station for Shanghai

With its 47,000-sq m footprint, Shanghai South railway station took three years to design and as many to build—a flagship project for AREP.


The city’s authorities wanted Shanghai South railway station to be all things to all people—or almost. First, a hub for many modes of transport (trains, buses, metro, taxis, private vehicles, etc.). Second, a focal point for social  activity in the city, complete with a wide range of shops and services. Last but not least, a gateway to Shanghai, a symbol of its energy, its economic, financial and cultural leadership, and its creative, avant-garde spirit. The result? A station that is both a hub of activity and an architectural landmark.


Using the basic concept of Chinese railway stations as a starting point, AREP took a thoroughly innovative approach to intermodal interchange. The wrap-around road on the outer wall serves drop-off points, shops and services, with fluid flows throughout. Six levels, with the upper ones looking down on the waiting areas. The AREP design features a monumental gravity-defying roof that is light and graceful while admitting ample light. Bottom line: the station meets China’s “zero-distance transfer” standard—and serves as a beacon for a prosperous, dynamic city.

Sq m of roof

Levels, plus a circular layout for fluid crowd flows and excellent all-round visibility

Kg/m2 is the design wind load for the main structure

A closer look: Shanghai station